Be ‘Nosy’ and Give the GPD a Hand – Put the Bad Guys in Jail

Dear Editor,
What the hell is wrong? Doesn’t anyone care what goes on in this
Dear Editor,

What the hell is wrong? Doesn’t anyone care what goes on in this town?

I’m thankful I live in a neighborhood that watches out for each other and if anything looks suspicious they will act on it! When people do not take suspicious acts seriously, ( including our police department) bad things can happen. Ms. Franca Barsi’s death proves that. You can bet that half of the ” Gilroy’s Most Wanted “, are walking around in plain view and the Gilroy Police Department could probably get them with your help and a little bit of pro-active “alerting nearby jurisdictions.” They had a good idea where to look for David Reyes didn’t they!

Plain and simple, “If it doesn’t look good, it more than likely is not good!”

Less than 10 minutes after I read the Dispatch article on Ms. Barsi’s murder, the San Jose Police were chasing David Reyes south on U.S. 101. They had found him at his families home in San Jose after an ” alert” was issued to nearby departments, by the Gilroy Police Department for his arrest as a murder suspect. Why didn’t the Gilroy Police Department notify nearby departments before someone was murdered? He was WANTED wasn’t he? His face has been in the Dispatch for quite some time.

It’s hard to imagine, that after two years of Reyes being involved with Ms. Barsi that no one knew he was wanted. In a TV news interview, one of Ms. Barsi’s neighbors stated, “The girl seemed very nice, but I thought the boyfriend looked a little shady.”

Wake Up and defend yourselves, your family and friends. It does not make you “nosy” or a “busy-body”, it makes you a cautious, considerable person. The Constitution gives you that right.

Zack Snyder, Gilroy