Catching up with … Kelsey Jeffries, IFBA Featherweight champion

Kelsey Jeffries smiles after defeating Donna Biggers by

Local fighter chats with The Dispatch about her recent fight and
her appearance on Best Damn Sports Show Period
By Josh Koehn Sports Editor

After defending her IBFA Featherweight title for the sixth consecutive time in a unanimous-decision victory over Donna Biggers Monday night, Kelsey “The Road Warrior” Jeffries was good enough to take time out of her schedule and speak with The Dispatch. Jeffries opened up about why she became a fighter, her most recent win, her appearance on FOX’s Best Damn Sports Show Period and what it is like to be punched in the face.

The fight will air on July 12 at 8pm

on FOX Sports Network.

So I hear you have a case of Laryngitis

Yeah, It just came on this morning. I think it was just from the celebration and the lack of sleep.

What have you been doing since your victory on Monday?

I’ve been talking to reporters and had a radio interview with FOX sports. And shopping, eating, having a good time.

Are you happy

to be home?

I love being back in Gilroy, smelling the garlic in the air.

What were your thinking when your fight with Donna “Nature Girl”

Biggers started?

From the first round I knew the girl could punch. I knew I had to be extremely careful not to get nailed by one of her shots. It was a good fight. The harder I hit her the more she loved it. I think I broke her nose and the blood would be pouring down and she smiled at me. But, I hit that girl with so many body shots she couldn’t run any faster.

What was her style like?

It was a challenging fight for me because she was so awkward and she could really punch.

Why was she so awkward to fight?

I have no idea, perhaps that’s her style. She has very long arms, she was just long and lanky.

What’s next for Kelsey Jeffries?

My plans are to move down in weight, because I should be fighting at a SuperBantam (122 pounds). That’s my future, to go down in weight.

There are a couple tough girls (in SuperBantam) and they’re southpaws (left-handed). I hate southpaws.

When do you think your next fight will be?

I’m hoping to fight in September in San Jose. It’s tentative right now.

How did your appearance go on Best Damn Sports Show Period?

That was awesome. The guys were great to me. They treated me like I was their little sister.

Did John Salley give you any trouble?

I was up to his waist and I nailed him in the stomach. He gave me a big hug.

What made you want to box?

It makes me feel safe. Life was not easy for me growing up in Hawaii. Learning how to fight made me feel safe.

Who would try to fight you?

People at school.

You started in a different style of fighting than boxing, right?

Martial arts and kickboxing. My coach was a boxing coach and he thought I would be better (in the ring). I just love to fight, either way.

What’s goes through your head when you get punched really hard?

Not to show my opponent that I’m really hurt. I want to pretend like I’m OK and I want to stay out of range so I don’t get hurt again.

How long does it take to recover from a fight?

It’s tough. It takes a week to two weeks to heal. My manager (Bruce Anderson) is the best person in the world. He takes care of me and makes sure I have everything I need. It’s awesome, he’s the father I never had. He’s my best friend and there are no words to describe what he means to me.

Will you be attending the Garlic festival?

You know it, I’ll be there. I love this area and I’m here to represent it in everything I do.