Ready to Rumble

Robert Guerrero warms up for a few practice matches at the

IBF Featherweight champion Robert

The Ghost

Guerrero took some time out of his schedule to talk with The
Dispatch about his Sept. 15 title defense against Rocky Juarez at
the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
Gilroy – IBF Featherweight champion Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero took some time out of his schedule to talk with The Dispatch about his Sept. 15 title defense against Rocky Juarez at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. He will be updating The Dispatch each week until the fight on how his training is progressing. Here are some excerpts of what Gilroy’s greatest fighter had to say.

How did the press conference go?

It went great, we went out there and did our thing. We made our presence felt.

How are you feeling so far in your first week of training?

Feeling good, feeling real good. I’m where I need to be – I’m actually better than where I need to be right now. You know, I just kept up on my training ever since my last fight. Just Staying in shape, toned up, I’m ready to jump right back and start rocking and rolling.

Do you have any special routines or a special diet in training?

It’s a special diet, I don’t like to reveal it. I keep everything on the down-low, just to be prepared, just to have that edge.

How would you compare your style with Rocky Juarez’?

My style compared to Rocky’s? It’s a way different style. It’s a style that Rocky Juarez hates. Me being 5′ 9″, (having a) 72-inch reach compared to his 5′ 4″ (frame), I think 50-something reach, the god given attributes that I have – being a southpaw and everything – all my tools I have as a fighter is what you need to beat a Rocky Juarez.

What is it like training for a fight?

Just all day, all night. It’s just straight boxing, boxing, boxing. That’s what you got to do to get ready for a championship fight – be out in camp because you need 100 percent focus. Any little distraction you have can really hurt you. It’s a time to get away, and get ready and focused to fight.

I read you had a son born earlier this year and you also have a daughter. What is it like being away from them while training for a fight?

It’s tough, but it’s a sacrifice you got to make. Especially being a fighter. I knew when I was going to turn pro that it was going to be hard. And now that I have kids I’m not just working for myself, I’m also working for them.

You’ve accomplished almost all you can do in the featherweight class, how far do you think you’re career can go?

I want to take it pretty far. I want to be a champion in multiple weight classes. I think the highest I can go is 147(-pounds).

Who in boxing do you compare yourself to?

I really don’t compare myself to anybody because I do so many different things in the ring. It’s kind of hard to really put it on (one guy). I take some of this fighter, some of that fighter, and just start mixing everything up and improving my skill.

You’re dad was a boxer, did that help make you a better fighter growing up?

It prepared me well. I had older brothers that also fought-

Did they pick on you?

A little bit, a little bit. They don’t now … Just growing up in the sport, it helped a lot. Just that mentality of being a fighter all the time. Coming to the gym at a young age, you pick up so much stuff just by watching, and it basically becomes second nature.

You recently started a blog on, right?

It’s going to be awesome. I’m going to get to interact with all the fans. They can see what it’s like to be a world champion, see the top level of boxing. You’ll get to see some of the workouts and the sparring.

Any predictions for what’s going to happen with Rocky Juarez?

I know I’m going to win the fight. I’m going to win the fight. It’s going to be a good fight. You can expect Rocky Juarez to come and fight, because I am. It’s kind of hard to predict what will happen. All I can predict is that I’m going to win that fight.