Meet the new chief

Denise Turner, Gilroy's new Police Chief, sets up her work cell

Residents will have a chance to meet their new police chief
Monday evening.
Residents will have a chance to meet their new police chief Monday evening.

After Gilroy Police Chief Denise Turner has her badge formally pinned upon her lapel at 3 p.m. Monday at the GPD Community Room at 7301 Hanna St,, she will walk over to the city council chambers at 7 p.m. There Turner will attend the regular council meeting for a formal introduction to the body and another ceremonial swear-in.

City Clerk Shawna Freels technically swore in Turner March 24, after she had been in town for less than 36 hours. She spent her first day on the job meeting new faces, attending meetings, touring the city, getting fitted for her uniform and finding a house to rent.

“I’m excited to finally get here and get started,” Denise Turner, Gilroy’s first female police chief, said that day before driving up to San Jose for her uniform. “So far it’s going great – there was a fantastic reception this morning by staff with coffee and pastries, and they’ll be showing me around the city.”

Turner – a former chief with a 26-year career at the King County Sheriff’s Office, which has jurisdiction in parts of Seattle, Wash. – is GPD’s long-awaited permanent leader. Cap. Scot Smithee served as the department’s interim chief after former GPD Chief Gregg Giusiana retired late January.

Bio box

Denise J. Turner

Age: 49

Marriage status: single

Children: none

Phone: (408) 846-0310

E-mail: [email protected]