Red Phone: Getting a pizza delivered

“I am calling in regards to the delivery of pizza from Pizza Hut. I was wondering why they don’t deliver from Day Road right off First Street. I live on Monterey Road and I don’t have a vehicle.”

Red Phone: Dear Pizza Lover, Getting a pizza delivered isn’t what it used to be. We were a little surprised to hear that Pizza Hut would not deliver to your house especially since it appears their store on First Street is just three miles away, according to the always-accurate Google Maps. 
Straw Hat doesn’t go by mileage but has certain boundaries it won’t go past, employees said. The cutoff  point is Day Road to the north Luchessa Avenue to the south and Camino Arroyo to the west.
However, since we want you to be properly nourished, we called a few other places in Gilroy. Employees at Dutchman’s Pizza and Mountain Mike’s Pizza both said they would be able to deliver to your addresses. However Round Table said they only deliver within two miles, so you are out of luck there.