Red Phone: What’s up with Sixth Street?

“Hello, I was just wondering what is going on in front of Lizarran Tapas on Sixth Street. It looks like the sidewalk is all torn up. When can we walk on it again?”

Red Phone: Dear Torn Up, The improvements along Sixth and Monterey streets are part of the city’s Sixth Street Improvement Project. The sidewalk is being replaced between Railroad and Eigleberry streets, said David Stubchaer, operations supervisor for the City of Gilroy.
Crews poured the concrete for the sidewalk Thursday. The project is scheduled to be done by the end of  May, he added. Meanwhile, we hope the construction won’t keep you from visiting downtown. To see the outreach ad for the project, visit

RVs on neighbors property
“I know you have addressed this before, but there is an RV with people living in it on my neighbors property on Tatum Avenue. I also believe people are living in their barn. Who can I report this too?”

Red Phone: Dear Concerned Neighbor, Since the area is just outside the Gilroy city limits, Red Phone contacted Santa Clara County Code enforcement officer Jim Lanz, who assigned an investigator to check out your complaint last week. He said the owners of the home were surprised to hear of any problems with having people living on their property but said they would have their back-yard tenants move out.
If the problem is in the city, you could report it to the Code Enforcement Department by calling 846-0264. If it is outside the city, you can call Santa Clara County Code Enforcement at 408) 299-5770. The county also has a new form where people can fill out to report possible violations at