Red Phone: More photo contests needed

“Why doesn’t the Dispatch run more photo contests in the paper or online? I’m sure there are many Gilroyans that would love to submit photos of their pets, nature pics, babies, kids, etc. Is this something the Dispatch can give some thought to? I think it would be fun for a lot of people. Thanks.”


Red Phone: Dear Amateur Shutterbug, Thanks for your comments. The Dispatch always enjoys receiving photos from our readers and features a reader photo on page A2 in both print editions. You are our eyes in the community.

Earlier this year, the Dispatch held a pet photo contest that many readers participated in. The best photos were printed in the special Pet Parade section published Feb. 4. In addition, we’ve recently expanded our coverage online to include more community photos, sports photos, nature photos, trip photos and even art from children. We choose the best of these photos to print on this page. You can see these photos by clicking on “Your photos and videos” under the news tab at

The Dispatch frequently prints photos from community events that people have submitted. And don’t forget about our Scrapbook page where people can submit their births, wedding announcements, engagements, honors and other special events. Keep the suggestions and photos coming in. Email photos to [email protected] and scrapbook items to [email protected]


Construction decibel blues

“Red Phone, we have a new neighbor building a home next door out in the unincorporated area of Santa Clara County. What are the hours they can begin and when do they have to stop?”


Red Phone: Dear Doesn’t Want to be Annoyed, Red Phone checked with the county and learned you’ll likely be annoyed, depending on how loud is too loud.

Permissible hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week. However, decibel levels cannot surpass 75, according to Wayne Petersen, an office specialist in the county’s code enforcement department. And, on Sundays and holidays, those decibel levels cannot surpass 50. As a reference, city traffic comes in about 80 decibels and a refrigerator humming is about 40 decibels.

Hope that helps, good caller.