Red Phone: Follow-up on possible illegal traffic

Red Phone: Red Phone received a call Aug. 9 from a tenant in an apartment concerned about possible illegal traffic and too many dogs confined in a neighboring apartment. The concerned tenant tried everything he or she could think of but to no avail. 

Red Phone received a follow-up call with some advice from another apartment manager in Gilroy not connected with the apartments in question, who has had the unpleasant and unenviable task of evicting tenants who haven’t followed the rules.

“About the traffic, there may be some illegal activity there – that may be hard to prove,” said the manager, who declined to give his or her name for fear of retaliation. “If there is constant noise, then the property manager can enforce the peace, comfort and quiet enjoyment of other residents. If the noise continues, then I would call police. If there is enough police presence, maybe the traffic would stop. I would not confront or approach that resident about the traffic.”

People can’t be evicted for causing too much traffic because all residents have a right to have visitors, the manager said.

“The property manager can tell the residents that their visitors need to follow the same house rules as the residents, if they have house rules. Then the property manager can monitor the coming and goings.  This also puts the resident on alert to the fact that management has noticed the traffic and it may stop.”

As for the dogs, you’ll want to check to see if the rental agreement allows for pets. 

“If no, then the property owner needs to enforce that rule. If yes, how many are allowed? Are they constantly barking disturbing all the residents? If so, then the resident can talk to the manager about the dogs disturbing the peace, comfort and quiet enjoyment of other residents.”

Hope this helps, good caller. Don’t forget to let Red Phone know if your concern gets resolved.