Red Phone: Noise cannons are a part of life

“I am replying to Red Phone about the noise cannons on Sept 27. I also live in the area near Roop Road and New Avenue. I have helped farmers in that area mainly with their cherry orchards. The noise cannons are a necessity if you ever have a cherry crop. I don’t know if you aware of the cost to put up nets over 2,000 cherry trees. 

The noise cannons are usually for a fairly short period of time – usually about two to three weeks while the crop is ripening. In your reply, you mentioned nets and mylar strips and stuff like that. But studies have shown those aren’t really that effective. Agriculture was here first and is part of what the whole valley culture is about. 

That is why we are called the Garlic Capital of the World. New people that want to move in and have a nice peaceful lifestyle, that is not compatible at times. As I told one neighbor who was complaining about some of the things in our ranch, we could tear all the cherry trees out and put in a 400- or 500-hog farm. But the aroma would be enough to drive them away. There are two points of view. Obviously, he doesn’t like the noise they produce. But at the same time he likes to eat the fruits and vegetables all these farms produce.”


Red Phone: Dear Sound Of The Times, Thanks for your follow-up response. The original Red Phone caller was wondering if there was anything that could be done to ease the pain on his dog’s ears. Fortunately for him, as you mentioned, good caller, is that most sound cannons are used just on a temporary basis. Sometimes farmers and neighbors do clash as people move closer and closer to each other. But they should seek to live in harmony as much as possible.