‘Taking risks will truly help you find yourself’

Kyle Collett delivers his salutatory address during the Gilroy High School graduation ceremony Friday.

Yeah, I took off the hat. Good advice from my sister, because every year it’s a big distraction.
Hey guys, my fellow classmates of 2012, who I’ve been with the past four to 12 years: It has been a fantastic senior year and we are finally graduating! We have actually made it these past four years through all the challenges and obstacles that have stood in our way. For some of us it has been harder than others, but we are all truly glad to finally move on to new adventures.
So I stand here before you guys expected to make some cheesy speech that is supposed to move us all and give us some sort of life lesson, but I really haven’t got a clue. Even saying that is cliché but it’s the truth. I really haven’t got my head wrapped around things. I’m still young and so are the rest of us, so who am I to be in the position of giving life lessons? I’m not. We will live our lives and it will we be along the way that we really learn the life lessons that will change and shape us. But I will just speak my mind on one belief I have tried to live my life by.
I believe in taking risks and taking initiative over your life. Most people is this world are afraid of change. They get into this place where they are content with living day-to-day, making their money and doing their comfortable activities. They are afraid of something going wrong. We all just want everything to go the way we plan.
This really doesn’t help you fully grow and understand who you are though. People that go somewhere beyond the white picket fence, take the big risks to do something. One example is Steve Jobs. He took initiative in the development of the computer and now look at his accomplishments, he was one of the most influential people in the advancement of technology.
Taking risks is not always as complicated as what Steve Jobs did; it is sometimes as little as saying hello to a person on the street. Who knows, maybe they could be the connection you’re looking for in the field of work you love or never expected to love.
It could be doing a new activity like a new sport or club you happen to really enjoy and go somewhere with. All it takes is a little initiative to get somewhere you had no idea you could; to a new level that makes a difference in your life and others. Taking risks will truly help you find yourself.
So from me to you guys, just live life an take some chances every now and then. You won’t regret it because you will always be able to learn and grow from new experiences, but you may regret never trying that something new you’ve always deep down desired to do. As in the words of our own inspiring director, Mr. Robb, “You never know.” Chase away your excuses, fear, worry and doubt, and run through life encouraging and reminding yourself you’ve been given one life. So go out and live it.
Now I’d like to thank some very special people for all that you’ve done to help me accomplish my goals. First of all my mother, who has done so much for me – especially cooking. Without her I would starve. And for reminding me of all the things I need to finish. My older sister Maegan for proofreading my essays and putting up with my progressing writing skills, my lil sis Tina for being a joy. My father for helping me take initiative. My teachers and coaches, Mrs. Silva, Coach Art, Mr. Robb, Mr. Grant, Mrs. Hokanson, Mr. Schoch, Mr. Hungerford, Ms. Pratt, my youth pastor Isaac and all my good friends for their listening ears and fun-loving unique personalities.
Thank you all. You have made these last four years an exciting journey. This is it Class of 2012! We are done! Congratulations everyone – we did it!
– Kyle Collett, Gilroy High School salutatorian