McDonald’s fundraiser raises $900 for El Roble

McDonald’s restaurant in Gilroy donated $900 to El Roble Elementary School as part of their McTeacher’s Night fundraiser, which took place Wednesday evening, Oct. 24.

The restaurant, located at 797 First St., partnered with El Roble for McDonald’s signature fundraising event. During McTeacher’s Night, the school’s principal and teachers “worked” at McDonald’s greeting customers, assisting behind the counter, and working the drive-thru window. 

Families of students and local school supporters were invited to visit McDonald’s the evening of the fundraiser to help raise money for El Roble. 

“It was a pleasure to work with El Roble Elementary School to raise money for their programs,” said Steve Peat, McDonald’s owner/operator in Gilroy. “We host McTeacher’s Nights with schools throughout the community as part of our commitment to education. This event provides a simple and fun way for schools to raise much-needed funds. The teachers and children have a wonderful time, and so do we!”