2 letters: Civic center/library parking lot – really?; Sequestration scare government hokum

Really, a parking lot that isn’t needed? What about library hours, downtown?
Dear Editor,
Let me get this straight: we’re going to be spending millions that we don’t have on parking structure that we don’t need, and the only debate is over where to put it?
If the Rolling Stones were headlining at the Nine Lives Club, J.K. Rowling was doing a book-signing at the library, and City Council were giving out free ice cream all on the same day, there would still be abundant parking in the area.
It’s hard to imagine a more blatant misappropriation of funds: much of our downtown currently consists of struggling shops and shuttered buildings, and the library itself has been forced to cut hours thanks to budget cuts.
Can’t we keep the library open daily and beautify downtown a little before we worry about hypothetical parking problems?
Ryan McBride, Gilroy


Government sequestration scare failed to produce a U.S. financial meltdown
Dear Editor,
Here it is March 1 and the sun rose. I was worried our leaders in Washington D.C. (both parties, President Obama and the press) predicted dire circumstances would occur if sequester went into effect. The sky didn’t fall and we didn’t go over a cliff.
Does anyone wonder why so many people no longer believe the politicians and press? Maybe they should all move to Hollywood they seem to be better at creating drama than the “professionals.”
Keith C. De Filippis, San Jose