Should the Gilroy Police Department make patrolling the parks a higher priority?

• No. I’m certain GPD is aware of the probable times and location park crimes are likely to occur.  Occasional, unpredictable patrols should suffice.  I am just as certain prioritizing GPD efforts in one problem area will cause neglect in other problem areas.  The GPD knows what they’re doing.  Let’s not make this a reactionary public issue or political issue.
• Yes. Like the Dispatch says on the March 1 front page “Riffraff in the parks.” We don’t need drugs, alcohol, dirty needles and other unsafe activities in our parks.  Our parks need to be safe for families and positive family fun. By the way, the idea of a pool at San Ysidro Park is preposterous! It’s one of the most dangerous parks in Gilroy. Who’s  going to go there? Keep it at South Valley Middle School where more than 700 kids use the pool with safe supervisory staff already on hand with safe security measures in place.
• Absolutely yes! Our parks need to be a safe haven for our children and families.
• Yes. The parks should be a safe place for our community to enjoy. I would like to see foot and bike patrols ideally, not just a drive by.
• I am indifferent.  If there is a crime problem, then we should provide coverage.
• Yes, and I would like to see these patrols on bikes or foot or horseback.
There is nothing like that eye-to-eye contact. In addition, out of the car,
officers can see trouble spots more easily. Families enjoying the parks can
take a minute to greet the officer; bad guys will feel the regular presence
and move on.
• Yes, Gilroy’s parks are a gift for all our residents and used for many purposes, they should be patrolled.  
• What are the priorities of our police department?  Public safety #1?  So yes, patrolling the parks more regularly would be a great idea.
•  Yes. Our parks are supposed be a safe place for our residents.  Police on
bikes or horses would be great!  But, just driving through the parks would
be a great deterrent to bad behavior.