NFL Draft: Hollister’s Jacobson awaits NFL destination

Wade Jacobson does a dead lift during his regular daily workout at Gold's Gym in preparation for the NFL draft. Jacobson played football from San Benito High School before graduating in 2008. He also played for Gavilan for two season before transferring t

It’s become nearly a daily experience for former San Benito High and Gavilan College standout Wade Jacobson. A trip to Gold’s Gym will be filled with the same thing each day – lots of sweat, some heavy lifting and a ton of handshakes.
Jacobson, who spent three years at Washington State, is one of the many hopefuls waiting for the chance to hear his name during the NFL Draft, which began Thursday and ends Saturday. And because of that, the 6-foot-6, 300-pound curly-headed offensive lineman is a hard person to miss each day at Gold’s Gym.
Despite the circling crowd or the gawking eyes, it’s not a social hour for Jacobson. Rather, it’s nearly two hours of hard work getting ready for what’s to come in the weeks ahead.
After nearly four months dedicating his life for the last weekend of April and his future, Jacobson aches to finally receive that phone call telling him his destination.
“I’m not a big fan of the unknown,” Jacobson said. “I was telling my parents, I got to pick my college. I knew where I was going. I knew where I was going to live. Right now, I have no idea. I can be in Florida. I can be in New York. I can be down the street. I can be anywhere. Once I get that phone call and I know where I’m going, it will be a sigh of relief. I’ll know where I’m going.”
And the anticipation is only building until Saturday night, when no matter what happens, he’ll know what city and franchise he’ll play for. Even if Jacobson goes undrafted, he is expected to be signed as a free agent.
“I’ll know Saturday night,” he said. “I’m stressed waiting. It’s stressful sitting around doing nothing, but this is something that is four or five years in the making. It’s going to be real exciting.”
After spending nearly two months in Utah preparing for his pro day at Washington State, Jacobson has spent the past month and a half building strength and fielding calls from NFL teams. More than 10 organizations have contacted him over the past couple of months, asking questions about his past, Jacobson said. Over the past week, they’ve been confirming his contact information in case his name is called.
“You can’t over-think the situation,” he said. “You get a phone call, and you think of it as a positive and don’t get your hopes up. You stay strong. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen.”
After a relatively quiet period following Washington State’s final game of the year, Jacobson receives a phone call or email from a team almost daily, he said. After nearly two months of fielding calls, it’s become part of his routine.
“I’m trying to find things around the house to do to keep my mind off it,” he said. “Basically, I’ve thought about going out of town, but I won’t. A few weeks ago, my parents went out of town, and I wasn’t going to go because I was afraid I was going to miss a phone call from a team.”
His daily workout has also become a routine. When he wakes up in the morning, he quickly stretches out to get his body moving. After finishing chores, he gets body treatment. Later in the day, he returns to the gym to load up on muscle building and getting into football shape.
“It’s transitioning from cutting my weight back in Utah and getting my numbers up there to getting in shape and more of football workout,” Jacobson said. “It’s no longer the lower weights. I’m working on the heavier weights. Basically, right now it’s (about) trying to stay healthy.”
Over the weekend, though, that workout will transition to waiting with family and friends in front of the television and phone. He wouldn’t have it any other way.
“We’ve always thought about having a big party with a barbecue,” Jacobson said. “But I don’t want to be stressed on that day. I’m already going to be. It needs to be quiet. I want to be able to answer the phone when I need to. We are going to have a family barbecue and have a few friends over. I want to get that phone call in my living room with them there.”
When the call comes in, the last five years will be worth all the pain, he said.
“It will show just to see how far I’ve come,” Jacobson said. “I’ve had a lot of negatives in my career, whether it’s injuries or not winning games. It’s funny; you go back, and my best season I’ve ever had was my sophomore or junior year of high school, and we won like five games. That’s the most wins I’ve ever had in a season. To come from there to this, all that hard work and dedication paid off, and there is no greater feeling than that.”

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