Morgan Hill police briefs: Auto burglaries


Large fight reported outside Village Avante

Witnesses reported a group of at least 20 young men and women fighting in the street near the intersection of Cosmo and Del Monte avenues in west Morgan Hill Wednesday, according to police. 

The fight was reported about 3:48 p.m., police reports said. 

Morgan Hill police arrived, but the crowd of fighters had allegedly disappeared, perhaps into the nearby Village Avante apartment complex, according to police reports. 

Witnesses reported the fighters – male and female – appeared to be “junior high age,” while some appeared to be in their later teens, police said. They were also reportedly wearing red clothing, a color often associated with illegal street gangs. 

Officers were unable to identify any suspects or anyone involved in the fight when they arrived, though a nearby adult resident told police her daughter was injured in the fight and was in need of medical treatment, police said.  

Auto burglaries reported

Someone removed the soft top and shattered the driver’s side window of a red Mazda Miata Thursday, in an apparent auto burglary attempt in Morgan Hill, police said. 

The crime was reported about 5:56 a.m. on Darnis Circle, according to police reports. 

The owner of the vehicle could not determine if anything was stolen from the vehicle, police said. 

Later Thursday, about 8:14 p.m. someone reported his or her 2006 Toyota RAV was broken into on East Dunne Avenue, police reported. The suspect or suspects smashed the passenger’s side front window to gain access to the vehicle. 

The vehicle’s owner did not know if anything had been stolen from the vehicle, police said.