Check it out: City Council agenda preview

Gilroy city council member Cat Tucker speaks during a special ceremony in December at City Hall after being sworn in for another two years.

The City of Gilroy will have its regular meeting at 6 p.m. Monday in Council Chambers, located at 7351 Rosanna St. Here are some of the upcoming items on the agenda.

City Council boning up on zoning during study session

Staff will recommend proposed amendments to Gilroy’s Zoning Ordinance and seek further direction from the dais before the final report is presented to City Council at their regular meeting July 1, 2013.

City bags up owners who refuse to pay for refuse

Staff is recommending that Council adopt a resolution to impose a special assessment lien on 164 properties in Gilroy that owe a total of $36,234.83 to Recology, the City’s contracted refuse collector. The City will collect the delinquent amounts through the County tax roll on behalf of Recology, explained Finance Director Christina Turner.

A new dawn for Sunrise Park

When the Rancho Meadows Development project was approved by City Council on March 7, 2011, the developers gave the City $50,000 to improve Sunrise Park in Gilroy’s northwest quadrant.

Now, after data from public meetings and 500 mailers to nearby residents of the park has been collated, Operations Manager David Stubchaer, of the City’s Public Works Department, is ready to present the Parks and Recreation Commission’s recommended list of projects. Five thousand of the $50,000 has already been spent on a softball diamond project, Stubchaer explained, so the remaining $45,000 will go to the following projects:

•50 Cubic yards of fibar fall protection material for the tot lot – $2,750

•Landscaping and irrigation improvements – $17,000

•Four heavy-duty waste receptacles – $5,300

•Extra windscreen material for tennis courts – $1,300

•Put concrete between the basketball court and drinking fountain – $4,000

•Two additional dog waste bag dispensers – $750

•Extra tennis nets for future replacement – $1,000

•Paint existing wooden backboard of baseball diamond – $500

•Restripe existing basketball court – $1,200

•Tennis court backboard – $11,200

Stubchaer says the costs are estimates and the money will be spent in ranking order from top to bottom of the list until it is gone.

Somewhere, over the archway…will be Downtown Historic Gilroy

Staff is recommending that Council approve by motion the location and funding model for the much-vaunted $500,000 Downtown Historic Archway project. The northern archway will be located at Monterey and Fourth streets and the southern archway will be located mid-block between Sixth and Seventh streets at Hornlein Court, according to City Transportation Engineer Henry Servin. Staff is also recommending that Council approve acceptance of $250,000 for one of the archways from a previous development. The other $250,000 will come from future developers. The entire project won’t take place, however, until the High Speed Rail Station overlay has been added to the Downtown Specific Plan and funding has been secured, Servin said.

Feds turn up the heat on Gilroy firefighters’ radios

Staff is recommending Council approve and accept a federal “Assistance for Firefighters Grant” for $100,000 to replace Gilroy Fire Department’s obsolete portable radios with Federal Communications Commission-approved ones from Motorola. The City will provide a 10 percent matching amount of $10,000 if the motion is approved.

City and staff hope for seismic shift with URM buildings’ retrofit financing options

The seven most viable financing options for dealing with downtown’s 18 unreinforced masonry buildings deemed structurally unfit to survive high magnitude temblors will be presented to Council by Development Center Manager Lee Butler. Staff isn’t seeking final approval at Monday night’s meeting for any of the seven options, but is instead asking Council to appraise the options and decide which ones they would like staff to further research.

AFSCME, Local 101, Gilroy Management Association reach $920,000 pay raise deal

Staff will recommend that Council approve, by motion, Memorandums of Understanding with bargaining units representing City workers and management staff. The two-year contract will be effective from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2015.

City employees represented by the various unions will receive a 2 percent pay raise July 1, 2013 and an additional 2 percent raise July 1, 2014.

Local 2805, representing Gilroy’s firefighters, is still in negotiations with the City, confirmed Human Resources Director LeeAnn McPhillips for the City of Gilroy. Certain positions – including the Chief of Police and the GPD’s 911 Dispatchers are covered in the agreement. However, regular rank and file officers represented by the Gilroy Police Officers Association aren’t included in these negotiations as their MOU runs until June 30, 2014.

Unrepresented department heads and unrepresented part-time, temporary and seasonal employees will also have their moment in the sun and receive identical pay raises to the union members, according to documents furnished by the City.

“Part-time, temporary and seasonal employee’s salary schedules have not increased for four-and-a-half-years,” said City Administrator Tom Haglund.

The agreements set to be approved on Monday will cost the City $920,000 in total for FY14 and FY15.