‘Beauty And The Beast’: Delightfully enchanting

Hilary Maiberger as Belle and Darick Pead as Beast in ‘Beauty and the Beast.” Photo by Joan Marcus.

“Beauty and the Beast” is a delightful presentation. Everyone knows the engaging tale: Belle finds herself in an enchanted castle where the Beast and all the inhabitants are trapped in an animated state because of a witch’s cruel curse that only Belle can break. And as in all fairytales, everyone lives happily ever after. But getting there is delightful fun.
The Tony Award-winning production recreates all the characters from the movie – from Lumier the living candlestick, the clock, teapot, chest of drawers and the delightful rug. Wrapped up in Rob Roth’s direction and Matt West’s creative choreography, this fast-moving production will keep adults and kids in awe and wonder.
A talented cast – including Darick Pead as the Beast, Hillary Maiberger as spunky Belle, Tim Rogan as the obnoxious Gaston, Jordan Aragon as Lefeu, Kristin Stewart as Mrs. Potts and Hassan Nazari Robati as the loveable Lumiere – carry the performance with great delivery and resilient voices. The impressive orchestra brings in a tight, crisp version of this beloved story. Alan Menken’s music and Howard Ashman (who died during the making of the original production) and Tim Rice’s lyrics ran away with Academy Awards for the movie and Tony’s for the Broadway version with “Be Our Guest,” “Beauty and The Beast” and “Something There.”
The real heroes of this production are the technical people backstage; Technical director Meg Parish impressively gets his crew to move scenes with smooth ease. Natasha Katz’s lighting and John Petrafesas Jr’s sound are well done, and Ann Hould-Ward’s costumes are Broadway caliber.
Grab the kids and go and be enchanted.
Camille Bounds is the theatre arts editor for Sunrise Publications.