Gilroy Gardens H20 Park: wasteful water in drought?

Red Phone

Dear Red Phone, “I’m reading in the Dispatch that there’s a new water park at Gilroy Gardens. I thought we were in a drought. This water cannot be recycled water, so obviously we no longer need to stop flushing our toilets each time we use them. And we can water our yards and wash the cars. It doesn’t play at all. Plus, the $2 million, where is that coming from? Oh yes, it’s my pocketbook – again. As a taxpayer, I think this is horrible. I wonder if this political, is this a payoff to Don Chapin and Co. for something? I don’t know. Please do your best.
Dear reader, Alas, while the new kiddie water feature will likely be a splash given our hot Gilroy summers, Red Phone is 99.99% sure that it would be against state law to use recycled water with kids playing and splashing in the pool all day. With regards to conservation, we should all support the local car washes where the water is recycled instead of using the hose and front lawn. That would easily take care of the supply for the new water feature and then some. The $2 million is not coming from the taxpayers but from the profits from the park. So, bring on the water Gilroy Gardens, and keep improving our wonderful park.