Cougar-rific: thousands awarded in scholarships

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Christopher High School recently held its Senior Awards Night.
Receiving the highest honor a Cougar can aspire toward, student Kristen Mank was the honorable recipient of the 2014 Cougar of the Year Award. The award—the highest honor from the school to a graduating senior—recognizes spirit, integrity, service to the school, academic achievement and other atttributes. Mank plans to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and was accepted for early decision as a Business Administration major and planning on getting a minor in economics and with a concentration in human resources.
For a full list of scholarship recipients, see below:
2014 Christopher High School scholarships
Association of CA School Administrators ACSA/$500/Adriana Ramirez
ASMS Band/$500/Kristen Flores
ASMS ELAC/$100/Jaime Alvarez
ASMS Gavilan/$100/Tarianna Perez
Atsuko Obata Memorial Scholarship (JACL)/$250 /Ryan Kuwada
Bill Christopher Athletic CHS Scholarship/$10,000/James Walling
Cash for College Scholarship (CSAC)/$1,000 /Aiden Carrasco
Christopher Ranch Agriculture Ed. Scholarship/$5,000/Kevin Costa
Christopher Ranch Employee Family Scholarship/$2,500/Christopher Garcia Montes
CHS Athletic Boosters Scholarship/$500/James Walling
CHS Athletic Boosters Scholarship/$500 /Brittney Souza
CHS Athletic Boosters Scholarship/$250 /Kyle Robinson
CHS Athletic Boosters Scholarship/$250/Kristen Mank
CHS Parent Club Performing Arts Scholarship/$500/Ryan Kuwada
CHS Parent Club Performing Arts Scholarship/$500/Kyle Robinson
CHS Parent Club Performing Arts Scholarship/$500/James Walling
CA School Employee Association CSEA/$500/Gianna Brown
Damegerous Minds Book Club Scholarship/$200/Renata Vasconsuelos
Damegerous Minds Book Club Scholarship/$150/Michelle Toves
Damegerous Minds Book Club Scholarship/$300/Desaree Ontiveros
David/Valerie Vanni Agriculture Ed Scholarship/$500/Kevin Costa
Dennis DeBell/$500/Brittney Souza
Dennis DeBell/$500/Darren Tu
Dennis DeBell/$500/Allita Watkins
Don & Karen Christopher  CHS Scholarship/$5,000/Kaelin Sylva
Don & Karen Christopher CHS Scholarship/$5,000/Trevor Hadnot
Don and Karen Christopher Comm College/$3,000/Connor McConkie
Don and Karen Christopher Comm College/$3,000/Tarianna Perez
Don and Karen Christopher Thousand Dollar/$1,000/Jessica Aguilar
Don and Karen Christopher Thousand Dollar/$1,000/Alena Anchondo
Don and Karen Christopher Thousand Dollar/$1,000/Alissa DeBiase
Don and Karen Christopher Thousand Dollar/$1,000/Jonathan Galloway
Don and Karen Christopher Thousand Dollar/$1,000/Carolina Garcia
Don and Karen Christopher Thousand Dollar/$1,000/Jimmie Lopez
Don and Karen Christopher Thousand Dollar/$1,000/Connor McConkie
Don and Karen Christopher Thousand Dollar/$1,000/Tarianna Perez
Don and Karen Christopher Thousand Dollar/$1,000/Bryan Pipkin
Don and Karen Christopher Thousand Dollar/$1,000/Brianna Rodriguez
Don Christopher Scholarship/$5,000/Kyle Robinson
Don Christopher Scholarship/$5,000/Kristan Mank
Don Christopher Scholarship $20,000 Scholarship/$20,000 /Kristen Flores
Dr. Wafelbakker & Anderson Academic Scholarship/$1,000/Darren Tu
Goldsmith Scholarship/$7,500/Darren Tu
Goldsmith Scholarship/$7,500/Kevin Costa
Italian Catholic/$400/Zachary Fishler
Italian Catholic/$400/Beau Haygood
Julio Mata Memorial Scholarship/$50,000/Luis Orozco
Ken Christopher Scholarship/$5,000/Brittney Souza
Lance Corporal Jeramy Ailes Mem Scholarship/$500/Connor McConkie
Link Crew/$500/Jacob Garcia
Luigi Aprea Parent Club Scholarship/$500/Lauren Miller
Luigi Aprea Parent Club Scholarship/$500/Evan ShaprioLopez
Masonic Lodge Hoover Scholarship/$500/Rayshon Mills
MECha de Sacramento State/$200/Alejandra Garcia
Paul Eugene Memorial/$1,000/Luis Orozco
Richard Nichols/$500 /Jazmin Delgadillo
Rod Kelly Memorial Scholarship/$500/Luis Orozco
Rotary/Syngenta Scholarships/$2,500/Emily Barham
Rotary/Syngenta Scholarships/$1,000/Trevor Hadnot
Rotary/Syngenta Scholarships/$1,000/Kristen Mank
Rotary/Syngenta Scholarships/$1,000/Connor McConkie
Rotary/Syngenta Scholarships/$1,000/Kyle Robinson
Rotary/Syngenta Scholarships/$1,000/Brittney Souza
Rotary/Syngenta Scholarships/$1,000/Steven Wong
Rudy Melone Memorial Scholarship/$1,500/Kristan Mank
Rudy Melone Memorial Scholarship/$1,500/Brittney Souza
Rudy Melone Memorial Scholarship/$1,000/Emily Barham
Rudy Melone Memorial Scholarship/$500/Andy Kuang
Rudy Melone Memorial Scholarship/$500/Vivi Nguyen
Rudy Melone Memorial Scholarship/$500/Kyle Robinson
Saint Louise Volunteer Scholarship/$1,000/Darren Tu
Saint Louise Volunteer Scholarship/$1,000/Silvia Hernandez
Sakko Bozzo Scholarship/$500/Ryan Kuwada
SODEXO Scholarship/$1,200/Robert Castro
South County Morgan Hill Service Group and Kenji Sakauye Memorial/$500/Ryan Kuwada
South County Morgan Hill Service Group and Kenji Sakauye Memorial /$500/Emily Barham
South County Morgan Hill Service Group and Kenji Sakauye Memorial/$500/Cailin McCarry
South Valley CJSF/$1,000/Rayshon Mills
Stephen M. Stramback/$1,000/Aiden Carrasco
Stephen M. Stramback/$1,000/Jeffrey Driggs
Stephen M. Stramback/$1,000/Ralph Montez
Stephen M. Stramback/$1,000/Vanessa Yu
Tom S. and Hedy Obata Memorial/$1,000/Luis Orozco
Tzu Chi Scholarship/$1,000/Amanda Caragio
Total    $184,800     
Montgomery GI Bill/$80,000/Adrian Sanchez
Montgomery GI Bill/$80,000/Gabriel Lopez
Montgomery GI Bill/$80,000/Martin Duran
Montgomery GI Bill/$80,000/Jeremy Gutierez
Cal-SOAP Scholarship/$2,500/Luis Orozco
Cal-SOAP Scholarship/$2,500/Alex Bardrick
Cal-SOAP Scholarship/$2,500/Adriana Ramirez
Cal-SOAP Scholarship/$5,000/Alejandra Garcia
Cal-SOAP Scholarship/$2,500/Jazmin Delgadillo
Cal-SOAP Scholarship/$2,500/Silvia Hernandez
Cal-SOAP Scholarship/$500/Andrea Morga
Total    $338,000     
Grand Total    $522,800     
Department awards
Math—Vivi Ngyuen    
Math—Matthew Scates    
Social Science—Kayla Salas    
Social Science—Lauren Miller    
Science—Alli Villanueva    
Science—Brent Bottomley    
World Languages—Kyle Robinson    
English—Jacob Deliz    
English—Alex Bardrick    
Performing Arts—Jacob Garcia
Performing Arts—Beau Haygood
Visual Arts—Kaylie Low
Visual Arts—Corinne Benson
Physical Education—Elena Rodriguez
Physical Education—Max Agustin
Special Education—Kimberlyn Gilmour
Special Education—Derek Gubrud