CHS parking spaces transformed into art works

Christopher High School students put their brushes to the concrete Aug. 12 during the annual Associated Student Body painting party fundraiser.

“Aloha, Italia.” “This is Sharks territory.” “Because there’s adventure out there.” “Honda: team all out.” “I’m not short, I’m just concentrated awesome.”
From quotes about the island state to shout outs for the local professional hockey team and Cougar athletic pride, incoming seniors at Christopher High School slathered their brushes to the pavement Aug. 15, painting parking spaces with their favorite themes.
Some waited from around 5 to 6 a.m. to commence the painting party tradition, according to Associated Student Body (ASB) President Bridget Brown.
Brown said that though painting commencement officially started at 10 a.m., students’ dedication would shine through the weekends as they bopped in and out putting the final brushstrokes on their works—four rows, 18 across—many of which also depicted themes that ran the gamut from Cougar athletics, multicultural diversity and verses from well-known musicians like the late John Lennon, quoted in sun-themed space, “Here Comes the Sun.”
The effort—a fundraiser for ASB—came on the heels of the football team’s annual Midnight Madness practice kicking off seasonal practice and signaling pending commencement of the 2014-15 school year slated to begin.
According to Brown, it’s an event students take “really seriously,” which for some means working throughout the weekend—students like Olivia Baxter, depicting a Starbucks cup pouring musical notes into a wine verse; or Alyssa Castro, whose “school with a headdress” theme would fade into aqua blue once completed.
Mother and Cougar parent Lauri Scirigione said she appreciates the effort students put into the parking spaces having watched them all grow up from their freshman year.
“The kids are just great friends with each other,” Scirigione said, “Cougar pride all the way—and love of the community, really,”
Christopher High School Activities Director Gloria Hennessy said students said food and snacks were provided by ASB, and many students were joined by friends and family during the process.
The rectangular canvases utilized for student mediums were then transformed into the final works but not without just the kind of school pride that continues to inspire parents like Scirigione.
“They’ll come back all weekend and spruce up,” Hennessy said.
Among those to be joined by friends was Francesca Bura who, along with Jacqueline Hufferd and others, decorated a parking space with a theme from Disney’s “UP!”: Kevin the tritagonist.
“Because adventure is out there,” Bura said.
More information
Parking lot spaces can be reserved for purchase at the ASB office for $80, $60 with an ASB card. ASB will add more spots if needed, according to Brown. For more information, call 843-4124 or visit