Ramayana: A colorful panoramic spectacle

Elaborate costumes and ornate headpieces were highlights of the Mount Madonna School’s production of ‘Ramayana.’

Mount Madonna School presented its 37th production of “Ramayana,” a panoramic colorful story that deeply delves into a 2,600-year-old Indian classic, June 5-7.
“Ramayana” tells the story of a banished prince and his adversities. It is a story of love, hate, good and evil heroic deeds and sacrifice that take him on adventures and the journey that finally brings him home to his rightful place in his kingdom.
The school’s production of “Ramayana” consisted of a most colorful cast of onstage actors and hundreds of volunteers, including parents and community members, who bring in this enormous show. Around 200 cast members from first to eighth grades were involved in the production and just about everyone played a part. The show was dazzling with creative choreography by Maya Lisboa, Sinead O’Neill and Micha Scott.
The real star of the show was the amazing, beautiful costumes handled for the past 20 years by Costume Coordinator Girija Kathleen Beavers and her devoted staff. The over 140 glittering and stunning headpieces and crowns were handmade with original artistic flavor. A headpiece of the 10-headed demon king requires the actor wearing it to be assisted on and off the stage.
Each show had a minimum of 40 people backstage to handle costume changes, props and emergencies and another 75 or more for makeup, hair, sari tying, dhoti and turban tying, media relations and reception.
Lights, sets, music, sound and special effects were well coordinated and on cue. There was also a choir and band.
The production was brought together for the 32nd time by Director Sampad Martin Kachuck and his staff.