City of Gilroy, schools and Caltrans are ready for rains

Red Phone

With all weather agencies predicting a 95 percent chance of a major El Nino this winter, has the city prepared itself by clearing all dried brush and debris located in the drains, spillways and culverts?

Red Phone:

Everyone is fascinated and/or terrified about the high probability of major flooding this coming winter, good caller, including Red Phone. To calm your fears, the City of Gilroy, Gilroy Unified School District, and Caltrans are planning for it.

Red Phone called on Gilroy Public Works Engineer, Henry Servin, to help clarify what Gilroy is planning and doing.

Servin said, “At a joint meeting of the City Council and the GUSD, they jointly acknowledged the need to plan for possible El Nino storm events.”

He added, “The city, for example, has begun to “vacuum or blow out” our storm drains to clean up any debris, rocks, etc. in the pipe system to minimize clogs. We are also identifying locations (city firehouses) where folks can pick up sand and sandbags for (do it yourself) flood control.  We are also looking at where we will need to install barricades to block access to streets that might need to temporarily close. Silva’s crossing at Christmas Hill Park comes to mind.”

Servin said, “Similarly, GUSD is cleaning all their gutter, storm inlets, and school storm flow systems to minimize flooding potential at schools.”

Red Phone also contacted Caltrans Public Information Officer, Bernard Walik, who said, “We are working around the clock on getting ready for 2015 winter season.  If the debris is on state right of way, we are responsible and will make every effort to clean it prior to our rainy season.

“Please keep in mind,” he added, “there are plenty of instances where debris issues can occur as a result of storms independent of what was on the ground before the storm.  We will also clean out debris in drains, culverts and spillways throughout the winter season.  Even with solid pre-winter efforts, we anticipate being busy day and night through the upcoming season.”
So, good caller and other worried citizens of Gilroy, the City, GUSD, and Caltrans are planning for the worst, and all are hoping for the best!