Gavilan College board approves new districts

Gavilan map

Gavilan College trustees approved new demographer-drawn districts Tuesday in light of concerns about representation, the board chairman confirmed.
After months of debate, trustees approved Plan 4 before the Gavilan board, Chairman Walt Glines said in an email. It was a recommended draft from demographer Jeanne Gobalet, while groups such as the League of United Latin American Citizens had their own recommended district lines as well.
Glines noted that several steps must occur, but Gavilan expects the districts to be in place well before the November 2016 election.
Gavilan’s board and other elected bodies have considered such district changes to comply with state and federal voting laws mandating they ensure protected minority communities are fairly represented. With Gavilan College’s new lines, three of the five districts will include Latino majorities, Glines said.
To read the report with the district descriptions, go here.
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