Yard Waste on Mantelli Drive

When we drive down the 1600 block Mantelli toward Santa Teresa, we have noticed two unsightly piles of cut, dried up tree branches left in the gutter and a Recology Yard Waste container—for many, many weeks.

Each week when the garbage truck comes by or every other week when the street cleaner drives past, I would think they would report this unsightly mess but the debris and the yard waste container do not move!

How do we get this mess removed from the street? If the house were unoccupied, I would think an agency handling this home would be alerted to this. I know of no other street in Gilroy where a condition like this has existed for this length of time.

I look forward to a means to resolve this concern.

Thank you, good caller, for bringing this situation to the attention of Red Phone. A solution is on the way as we speak. Red Phone contacted Karla Hill of South Valley Recology, which provides trash removal services for Gilroy.

Hill said, “I spoke to our customer at this address. We discussed the yard waste [brush-bundles] on the ground. He said he would put the bundles inside the can. He is doing ‘landscape clean up’ in his backyard. When we discussed retrieving his containers from the street, he did not agree.”

Hill said, “Recology does not pick up yard waste on the street. However we will pick up 3 feet by 3 feet bundles of small tree branches.”

What about the law? Red Phone also contacted Gilroy Code Enforcement Officer, Scott Barron, about this situation. Barron said, “I have received a couple of complaints regarding this site. A violation notice was sent to them a week ago giving them a few days to clean up/remove the encroachment. If they don’t comply they could be cited.”

Again, if you want to report any city violations, call Code Enforcement at 408-846-0264.