Paint code for Gilroy

The building on the corner of First and Carmel recently has been painted green, red and yellow, I am trying to understand why the city of Gilroy would allow buildings to be painted with these colors, which would reduce the value of property in the surrounding the area! It is an eyesore. What is the city doing to prevent this from happening, and to correct the paint colors of numerous buildings in Gilroy. When will this issue be corrected?


Red Phone recalls a very old saying, good caller, which goes like this, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Unfortunately, times change and so do tastes.

According to Gilroy’s Interim Development Services Manager, Susan O’Strander, “Colors approved as part of an architectural & site review permit or planned unit development would be tied to that permit approval. Otherwise, there is no ordinance specific to building colors.” Which means, it’s up to the review team to approve colors.

So you see, good caller, there are no specific rules for color at this time, other than the personal taste.
However, O’Strander said, “Currently, staff is working on a color palate ordinance and hope to have something to the City Council in the next couple months.” Red Phone says, “Hmmmm.”