Re-striping Santa Teresa

Is the city (or county) ever going to properly stripe the northbound lanes on Santa Teresa between Day Road East and Day Road West (in front of Christopher High School)? There are now faintly painted dots marking the lane separation. The problem is that if you stay in the only straight lane at the Day Road East intersection, you end up in the left turn lane that turns onto Day Road West. During rush hour, “unknowing” drivers get stuck in that left turn lane because “knowing” drivers slip over that dotted line into the right lane not allowing the “unknowing” driver to move to the right.


Red Phone recently just learned from a survey of worst things in life, that going to work is very high on the list; no doubt driving to work contributes to this dissatisfaction. So, good caller, when Red Phone heard about this traffic problem during rush hour, Red Phone immediately contacted Gilroy traffic engineer Henry Servin.

Servin said, “The area discussed by the caller is still under the control of the contractor doing the work associated with the new development off Day Road West. We will put out a call to have them finish up, weather permitting.
Servin thanks you, good caller, for the timely report. Ditto from Red Phone!