Replace the tattered American flag

Regarding the American flag that is flying over the McDonald’s on Leavesley and Camino Arroyo near the Gilroy Premium Outlets: For the past week, maybe longer, the flag has appeared torn up. It looks so raggedy and disrespectful. I’m wondering why the manager or the owner of that McDonald’s doesn’t take care of it, or at least repair it. I’ve seen a lot of other people notice this, too. I think the management should be alerted to this and have the American flag waving, as it should be.

Thank you, good caller, for bringing this to the attention of Red Phone. Red Phone has good news for you and other concerned citizens. After a few calls to Gilroy Premium Outlets, Southpoint Business Park (where McDonald’s is located), and a final call to McDonald’s, this is what Red Phone found.

McDonald’s Manager, Brenda Mendosa, said that they were aware of the flag’s condition and just now removed the flag. In the process they had called the fire department to remove the flag because it was caught on a tree.

When asked if and when McDonald’s would replace the flag, Mendosa said, “We are ordering a smaller flag so hopefully it will not get stuck on the tree. We are not sure when the new flag will be up, but hopefully soon. Maybe tomorrow.”

So, good caller, it pays to speak up!