Two Gavlian swimming pools closed for repairs

The two swimming pools at Gavilan College are scheduled for repairs. No one at Gavilan is able to explain the nature of these repairs. Can Red Phone help to answer the question: what is the timeline for the repair work and the target date to reopen the two swimming pools at Gavilan?

Red Phone has confirmed the bad news, good caller. Red Phone contacted Gavilan College Public Information Director, Jan Bernstein Chargin about the pool closure.

Bernstein-Chargin confirmed that the two swimming pools were closed for repair, and there were no other pools available on campus.

When asked for more details of the repair, the Director said, “Unfortunately, the swimming pools are closed in order to repair a leak in the system.”

The Director also said, “The facilities team is still determining the repair specifics and project timeline, however it is certain that the pools will be closed through the upcoming spring semester, and possibly through summer and fall 2016 as well.”
Thank you, good caller, for reporting on the pool closures at Gavilan College. Hopefully, you and others will be able to find another community pool to use.