Ugly dump truck on Mantelli

There’s a big ugly dump truck that’s been parked on the east side of Mantelli near Wren. It’s been there for about a month and it’s blocking the view of our beautiful park for our neighbors and us. We’ve called the city a couple of times and nothing’s happened. The name on the truck is Back and Forth, LLC. I don’t understand why the truck is able to park on city streets for weeks at a time without ever moving. Can you help with this?


Good caller, you have the local law on your side! Red Phone contacted Gilroy’s Code Enforcer Officer, Scott Barron about this “ugly” situation.

According to Barron, “Municipal Code section 15.68 prohibits parking of vehicles over 10,000 pounds in a residential district and parking for more than 72 hours on any street or alley is prohibited pursuant to Section 15.67.” Red Phone interprets this to mean any vehicle, ugly or not!

Barron also said, “I spoke to Maria Cabatingan, our community service officer, who handles parking enforcement. She stated that according to the truck route map, Mantelli is not a truck route; therefore oversize trucks cannot park there. She will look into it.”

So, good caller, your beautiful view will be restored soon!