Water leak behind Target

There is water leaking behind the Target store. Some of the main pipes that are adjacent to the street there have been leaking for quite some time and it’s getting worse. Now there’s a little stream of water coming from that area. Someone needs to get over there and fix it.

Red Phone is very motivated, good caller, to prevent water waste. Thank you for bringing this to the attention of Red Phone.

Red Phone contacted Target Manager Ricardo Lopez to inform him of a possible water leak behind his store.

At first, Mr. Lopez was unaware of the leak, suggesting that perhaps the water leak could be the result of air conditioner condensation runoff from the roof. However, he readily volunteered to take a look behind the store just in case there was another source of the water.

With a little searching, Lopez said, “I found a water leak in the landscaping and I called our landscaping company to repair the leak. Hopefully, the leak will be repaired by the end of today.”

So, good caller, thanks to your keen sense of observation and civic-mindedness, untold amounts of water have been spared.