Illegal dumping on Las Animas

Is there anything that the city or anyone can do about the dumping of furniture on Las Animas near Murray? In just two days we’ve seen a big-screen TV, a love seat, a toilet, a mattress and some boxes, left near that intersection. Nearby, on Electa Court, there is more abandoned furniture, a carpet and boxes of junk. It seems like every week someone dumps something. I’m tired of seeing this, this area has turned into a dumping ground for everybody!

Red Phone:

Good gracious, good caller, what is happening to Gilroy? Red Phone is deeply disturbed by news of urban trash being displayed like an art form in our lovely city of Gilroy. Red Phone immediately contacted Gilroy’s code enforcement officer, Scott Barron, to see what could be done.

Officer Barron said that a call to Code Enforcement at (408) 846-0264 should be made to report illegal dumping. “We will make a determination and may initiate enforcement and/or cleanup as may be required,” said Barron.

When asked which codes prohibit illegal dumping, Barron mentioned the following summarized municipal codes:

  • 12.4: Unlawful to dump upon land or property of another person.

  • 12.5: Unlawful to dump in or upon any public or private alley or street or public grounds within the city.

  • 12.6: Unlawful for any person to allow dumping on premises owned, occupied or controlled by him or her in the city.

“There are other city codes that prohibit dumping in creeks and waterways, and state laws such as California Penal Code section 374 thru 374.8,” said Barron.

Penalties for dumping can be expensive. Barron said, “Penalties are $100 for the first violation, $200 for the second violation, $500 for the third violation within one year, and up to $1,000 for each additional violation.”

So, who cleans up the mess? According to Barron, “the responsibility for cleanup on private property and adjacent to the property is on the property owner, agent, lessee or occupant, whoever is in control of the property.”

How do you catch people dumping illegally? Barron said, “Every case is different, however in some cases property owners have installed video surveillance cameras that may be helpful.”

What about posting signs that warn against dumping? Barron responded, “It may be helpful in some instances, however I would recommend speaking to the Gilroy Police concerning the content of the signs, if they want to prosecute violators based on the posting of the signs.”
So, good caller, help is on the way, thanks to civic-minded citizens like you.