Projects on Luchessa and Miller-Santa Teresa

I would like to know what year will the stretch of Luchessa Avenue between Monterey Road and Princevalle Street be completed. That project has been ongoing for three years. Also, I would like to know when the intersection of Miller Avenue and Santa Teresa Boulevard would be completed. The electronic sign needs to be updated again. These two projects are very much of a nuisance to the driving public.
Red Phone:
Red Phone is happy to investigate the status of these two projects, good caller, particularly when they pose a nuisance to the public. In cases of roadwork projects, Red Phone likes to contact the knowledgeable Gilroy traffic engineer, Henry Servin.

For the Luchessa road project, Servin has this to say: the developer, KB Home, is building more than 180 homes on Luchessa, and is required by the city to provide road and sidewalk improvements on Luchessa between Princevalle and Monterey. However, Servin said, “The city does not control private developer schedules. The developer cannot finalize all their home sales until they finish their obligations to the city.” So, good caller, unfortunately we must wait for KB Home to finish the job.

For the Miller-Santa Teresa intersection, developer Cal-Atlantic is building homes in the Glen Loma Ranch area off Santa Teresa. According to Servin, Cal-Atlantic Homes is required by the city to build a roundabout at this intersection to mitigate the added traffic caused by the development of this area. Servin said, “Other developers are also tasked with completing their traffic impacts [road improvements] in the Glen Loma Ranch area.”

He added, “We understand that the recent rains have caused the soils along Santa Teresa Boulevard to remain very wet and not ideal for rapid construction. Nevertheless, we have reached out to these firms to have them complete their on-street requirements with greater urgency.”

Because of the heavy rains and other unforeseen design delays, including the addition of more storm drains, Cal-Atlantic has asked for an extension on the roundabout work, with a completion date of the end of June. This end project will also include a bike trail, access to Miller, and landscaping.

Servin said, “As a community, we look forward to the reopening, improved access, and new trail and visual amenities. The next few months will bring many changes with some interruptions to Gilroy. But, once done, we will also reap the benefits of these public improvements.”

For those wishing to check on the status of various ongoing projects, use this link:

So, good caller, progress is planned with the city of Gilroy in your corner, rooting for these projects to be completed, sooner than later.