Letters: No more school bonds

Don’t be taken in by the ads that say “save our children,” or “our children deserve more.”

Gilroy Unified School District is asking for another 30-year bond that will cost $323 million.

Don’t you remember approving a 30-year bond just eight years ago for $150 million, which is double that when paid out with interest? And, in 2002, voters approved a $69 million bond to “construct and renovate.” You are still paying for these!

Do you want to approve a $170 million bond for the next 30 years? Measure E will also allow the district to exceed the 2.5 percent statutory limit of total assessed value of taxable property in a district.

Once again, they say it is not for salary increases, but read the fine print. Independent citizens oversight means nothing once the money is spent. Stand up against GUSD administration this time and force them to spend the money received from an increase in our property taxes diligently and appropriately.

Read this article from California Policy Center (http://bit.ly/1RnYtuD) about school bonds before making a decision.

Vote NO on Measure E!

Susan Mister