Countywide movement to declare schools safe zones

Countywide movement to declare school safe zones

As the Trump Administration enters office, many students, parents, and community members live in fear of harassment, discrimination, and deportation.
Today, elected representatives from districts across Santa Clara County announced plans to declare school campuses as safe zones.
This includes reaffirming schools legal obligation to provide free public education to all students, regardless of immigration status. A commitment from school districts to prohibit the collaboration between schools and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), data confidentiality for the purposes of deportation, and information and resources for students and parents who feel at risk of deportation or targeting by the new administration.
Without a safe school environment, students cannot concentrate in the classroom and parents cannot actively contribute to their students’ success.
Alum Rock Union Elementary School District was the first school district to designate safe zones.
The announcement today was followed by a press conference at San Jose Unified on behalf of its 32,000 families and 3,000 employees. They were joined by leaders representing East Side Union, Alum Rock Union Elementary, Morgan Hill Unified, and Santa Clara Unified school districts, along with a representative from the Santa Clara County Board of Education.