Letters to the Editor

A person was killed by a train in Gilroy on Dec. 11. File photo.

Get our traffic priorities straight
Color me confused. Was I dreaming last fall when the pro-Measure B flyers mentioned an expanded, rebuilt Highway 25 interchange with 101, including the extension of Santa Teresa Boulevard to the new interchange, as one project that would receive a push to construction by the passage of the Measure.
But lo, now there is not a single mention of that project among the competing priorities for which Gilroyans need to make their support known. Was I dozing when the news bulletin arrived that the VTA had pulled the Highway 25 interchange out of the mix? And yet the proposed interchange at Highway 101 and Buena Vista is going to be identified as Gilroy’s number one priority? Really? Buena Vista? When have traffic problems at Buena Vista ever matched the miles long northbound backups every high season weekend at Highway 25 and 101? When have traffic issues at Buena Vista ever compared with the congestion at the southbound 101 to eastbound 25 ramp vicinity every work day of the year! ? I plan to ask Councilman Harney about this seemingly strange prioritizing. I hope a good explanation will be forthcoming.
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We need merit-based immigration
First: I am a legal immigrant. Just like many other immigrants, legal or illegal, I arrived with nothing, looking for a better life.
Well, not exactly nothing. I already had an engineering degree and three years of engineering experience. I also could speak very elementary English.I was determined to make it on my own and never sought or received any help from anyone (except one friend who offered free housing for three weeks). I am now retired and have a comfortable life.
I hire a Mexican cleaning lady (who helps me learn Spanish) and a Mexican gardener, all legal.
I love them. I am not sure how they came originally, but they are now they are here, working, making a better life for themselves and their family. They are great people.People from around the world would like to come to the U.S. and why not? Is there a better place on Earth? No, there isn’t.
So, why not have the entire world just move here? Here is why: Like Jack Kennedy famously said: “Ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country.” And this should be the first question all immigrants should be asked.
It is easy to eat the fish which others caught, easy to eat the fruit of other’s gardens.When people are used to do just that, when the fish and the fruit is gone, they will demand more and free. When the society will step in and “help” with unlimited supply of everything, the demand will grow and will become more and more violent. It will become a right. And that is dangerous.
So, here is my stance: NO on illegal immigration, YES on merit-based immigration. Immigrants who abuse the laws should be jailed and/or deported regardless of any circumstances, family or others.
Those who want illegal immigration should walk the walk
As a high tech worker, and former owners of winery and vineyard operation we probably had more direct experience with immigrants than most at both ends.
Legal immigrants who bring skills via an H1-B are an asset to the nation, bringing skills and genetic diversity.
Legal immigrants who bring effort and good attitudes are an asset to the nation, at a rate that allows for assimilation.
Illegal immigrants, be they visa overstays, or border crossers can be an asset and also a detriment.
The difficulty is that the presence of illegals who are working under the table suppresses the tax revenues, artificially suppress the market rate for wages and increases costs of emergency and other public services such as schools for which they don’t contribute.
Add in the low probability of assimilation of an illegal community and you have an ongoing problem that we have today. Local attempts to circumvent federal policy are a poor choice, increasing costs for both jurisdictions and reducing the physical and economic security of the citizens
For those who wish to be “compassionate” I encourage them to go to the local day labor sites and take in a few, to host them in their homes, at private personal expenses. If they are not willing to do so, then please don’t try to confiscate my wages to do so at a community expense.