Thumbs Down for Bike Track
I wish KB Homes disclosed to be that a BMX park, which will create way too much noise, was going to be built next to my neighborhood.[thumbdown]
Heather Borlase
Thanks For the Wine Weekend
This past weekend the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley hosted our Annual Spring Passport, beginning with Friday evening at the Morgan Hill Community Center where 17 of our member wineries poured their fabulous wines alongside 12 of our local restaurants offering a taste from their delectable menus. The food ranged from truffle mac and cheese to mini sopes to caramel brownie bites to name only a few.
The weekend continued with more than 25 participating member wineries hosting guests from throughout the Bay Area and offering an array of food, music, and a variety of entertainment. The pictures tell the stories of folks new to the area realizing that there is a selection of remarkable wines right here in their back yards, and our recurrent visitors enjoying the beauty of the area, the diversity of the wineries and the wines they pour, and the friendships they have made by becoming frequent guests.
We realize how fortunate we are to have strong partners who give their time, energy, and support to the wineries. We extend a very sincere “thank you” to John McKay, President of the Morgan Hill Downtown Business Association for arranging these fine restaurants for Friday evening: Bubbles Wine Bar, GVA Café, Ladera Grill, Mama Mia’s, Milias, Noah’s Bar & Bistro, Odeum, Old City Hall, Prova, Rosy’s at the Beach, La Nina Perdida, and Trail Dust. It goes to show that we are really one community—Morgan Hill, San Martin, and Gilroy—working together.
Of course, it’s impossible to name everyone who helps with our success, but I would like to mention a couple of special partners. We extend our thanks to Jane Howard, Executive Director of the Gilroy Welcome Center and her staff. They support us in reaching out to the public on a daily basis, and we appreciate their hard work and continuing efforts. And finally, Wine Journalist Bev Stenehjem, who leads the way in promoting our wineries through her excellent articles and her own knowledge of the wine industry. A huge “thank you” Bev!
We know it’s hard to visit all of our great wineries in the valley in a short weekend. One look at our new map (http://www.santaclarawines.com/images/WSCV-map-2017.pdf)and you will see the expansive area we occupy. Great news ahead! We will host our Annual Fall Passport on October 13, 14, and 15 later this year. So even if you missed out this past weekend or if you simply want more fun, food, and wine, you will have the opportunity to join in the festivities at that time!
Thank you again to all who helped and visited. I look forward to a year of connecting.
Karen Seeker
Co-Owner Seeker Vineyard
The Whole Immigration System Needs Reform
I could not say it better than the California Catholic Bishops did in their recent statement on immigration:
“It is long past time for our leaders to stop allowing this issue to be used for political advantage and set themselves to the task of fixing our broken immigration system. The principles and priorities for immigration reform are well-known and they are reasonable. We urgently need reforms in our visa and guest worker programs. We need reforms that keep families together and recognize that those who are detained already have the legal right of due process. We need to provide those who are here and contribute to our economy and society but without documentation an immediate path to regularize their status with an eye to one day becoming citizens.
“We support the federal government’s obligation to protect our borders and to uphold our immigration laws. We also hold that these legal principles should always be at the service of human dignity and the common good of society. The current immigration system is gravely flawed. And because it is gravely flawed, the current push to increase enforcement
and deportations—without first reforming the underlying system—can only lead to further violations of human rights and human dignity.”