Red Phone: Old Orchard Supply shopping center

What’s happening with the old Orchard Supply shopping center on 10th Street? The shopping center closed several years ago and I heard a rumor that Whole Foods might be moving in there soon.
Thank you, good caller, for your inquiry about the vacant shopping center on 10th Street—where the old Orchard Supply and other shops were located. Checking with Tammy Brownlow, President/CEO of Gilroy Economic Development Corporation, we learned that in fact, and perhaps unfortunately, the rumor about Whole Foods is untrue.
The 44,000 square foot property is owned by Mike Conrotto, a long-time Gilroy resident and businessman. The property is a commercially zoned C3-Shopping Center which means that the new tenant must continue to provide ample landscaping, parking and creative design.
Conrotto is currently fielding inquiries on the property himself (versus having a broker represent the property) and the property is for lease only—not for sale. Because Conrotto prefers a single user and doesn’t want to divide the property for two or more tenants, it makes finding a new tenant a bit more challenging.
According to Brownlow, “Although Conrotto is in discussions with potential tenants, there isn’t any news to announce at this time.”
When Red Phone asked for an opinion about who would make an ideal, new tenant, Brownlow responded, “The ideal tenant would be a business that would be a good fit for the square footage, location and other considerations such as demographics, household income, and competition within the market area. The location is well-suited for retail that would serve the neighborhoods in and around the heavily traveled 10th Street corridor.”
Gary Walton, president of the Gilroy Downtown Business Association, also weighed in. “In regards to what I would like to see in the shopping center, I really miss Orchard Supply. It was a great store and very convenient for everyone downtown.  If not Orchard, then maybe an Ace Hardware.”
And Mark Turner, president and CEO of the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce chimed in, saying, “While the Chamber would enjoy seeing another tenant occupy the old Orchard Supply building, due to varying considerations, it’s difficult to identify a tenant by name. We hope to see a company that becomes an active part of the community, employs local residents and contributes to economic vitality of our city.”
All principals agree that the shopping center is conveniently located within walking distance of the new 10th Street apartments which will most likely provide an excellent customer base to whoever the new tenant may be.
Everyone at Red Phone is hoping for a good tenant to make the replacement, soon.