Theft, hit and run, dog bite, seizure


July 21: 2:30 pm: An unknown suspect fraudulently deducted $700 from a victim’s bank account.

July 22:
An unknown person broke into a locked garage on Monterey Street and stole $2,000 in power tools.
An unknown person broke into a business on Monterey Street and stole $6,620 in jewelry, collector coins, money and tools.
July 23:
A person on Pheasant Drive reported that an unknown person clipped the last digit, along with the plate tabs, off of her vehicle.
A commercial burglary was committed on the 8300 block of Monterey Street. The thieves stole $800 in cash and hair irons worth $320.
July 24:
3:30 pm: A dog bite was reported on West Ninth Street.
7:42 pm: An injured feral cat was euthanized for humane reasons.
10:15 pm: A hit and run accident occurred on Mantelli and Muir drives, resulting in the rollover of the victim’s vehicle. The victim was transported to a trauma center.
July 25:
7:00 am: An unknown person cut a chain link fence at a residence on East Ninth Street and stole a $6,000 paint sprayer from an unlocked storage container.
12:22 pm: A driver on Monterey Street had a seizure, lost control of the vehicle and collided with a building, fencing and two parked cars.
1:26 pm: A severely injured kitten was found on First Street and was euthanized for humane reasons.
9:50 pm: Three male suspects stole four cases of Modelo Beer from a business on West Ninth Street.
July 27:
5:02 am: A female victim was assaulted by an unknown male suspect on the 5900 block of Travel Park Circle.
Overnight an unknown suspect broke into the side door of a business on Monterey Street and stole a $150 nail gun.
July 28:
12:26 am: A tow truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and collided with a parked car on Alexander Street. The parked car then was launched into a fence and caused damage to another parked car.
July 29
2:17 pm: YAK brand cannabis extract capsules were found at the Costco on Camino Arroyo. The pills are marked for destruction.
5:00 pm: A person stole $48 worth of groceries from a business on First Street. The business did not wish to press charges.
July 30:
7:00 am: Overnight a business on Monterey Street was broken into. A cash register with $1,000 cash inside was taken.
10:00 p.m: A business on Fifth Street was burglarized. Cash, jewelry and a laptop cumulating in $5,194 was taken.
6:30: A vendor at the Garlic Festival turned in a counterfeit 100 dollar bill.
July 31:
4:45 pm: Neighborhood kids, throwing eggs broke a window of a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant on West Ninth Street.
5:17: An unknown suspect passed three counterfeit 100 dollar bills at the Calvin Klein Outlet Store on Arroyo Circle.
August 1:
4:11 pm: Four juveniles attempted a carjacking on Arroyo Circle. After a brief struggle, the driver managed to speed away. All four of the juveniles were arrested.
August 2:
7:00 am: Overnight an unknown person broke into a vehicle at Automall Parkway and stole a $1,300 Alpine multi-media navigation station.
7:00 am: An unknown person broke the specimen lab drop box from Planned Parenthood. on Renz Lane.
4:20 pm: A victim on Church Street was scammed out of $2,332. The suspect agreed to pay for babysitting and cleaning services, sent a check to the victim, then asked for money send back via Moneygram and Western Union.
August 3:
6:40: An unknown person threw an apple at a window of the Gilroy High School library and broke the window.
August 4:
5:30 am: A victim on Miller Avenue was struck by a vehicle and attacked by four Hispanic males who stole an iPhone 7.
6:57 pm: An unknown person made $1,453 of unauthorized charges on a victim’s ATM card. 7:30 pm: An unknown person stole a purse from a shopping cart on Camino Arroyo. The bag, jewelry and cell phone amounted to almost $2,600.
August 5:
12:00 am: On Monte Bello Drive a Mercedes was burglarized when the victim left the keys in the front door, allowing access to the car.
6:00 pm: A car was burglarized on Leavesley Road. The suspect broke a window, then accessed the truck through the back seat of the car, stealing two laptops worth $3,300.
7:17 pm: A car on Arroyo Circle was burglarized. Thieves took a $1,500 Dell laptop and $1,400 Yeezy Turtledove shoes.
August 6:
2:25 am: Unknown vandals broke windows to a home and a 2004 Cadillac on West Sixth Street. Damage was $1,350.
August 7:
1:10 pm: A stray dog with a skin infection was taken to Silicon Valley for treatment.
6:30 pm: The vehicle driven by German tourists was broken into on Camino Arroyo. Various items totaling almost $1,500 was stolen.
9:30 pm: A family dog bit a child on Chestnut and 10th streets.
10:30 pm: An unknown suspect broke into a hotel room on Monterey Street and stole $1,200 in property.
August 8:
9:47 am: A wallet was found at the Panera Bread on Camino Arroyo.
12:00 pm: A blight complaint was filed on Crawford Avenue.
August 9:
6:00 am: Two unknown suspects broke into a Gilroy Unified School District storage facility on Swanston Lane, causing damage and stole $1,300 in gloves and rain gear.
10:00 am: Overnight unknown suspected threw rocks and broke windows at Luigi Aprea Elementary School on Calle Del Rey.
August 10:
12:30 pm: Unknown suspects committed grand larceny at an outlet store on Arroyo Circle. The suspects loaded $11,700 in various Calvin Klein shirts into bags and fled in a waiting 2006 silver BMW
2:08 pm: A male suspect shot a bb gun from a car at a residence on Chestnut Street.
10:30 pm: An unknown person broke into a home on Pappani Drive while the occupants were home. The burglar entered a bedroom window, stole a purse and car keys which they used to steal 2015 silver Chrysler 200.
9:30 pm: An unknown male suspect entered the back door of a business on the 7100 block of Camino Arroyo, stealing $1,080 in Timberland and Ariat boots.
10:40 pm: With the occupants at home in the living room, a residence on Dowdy Street was burglarized. The suspect was reported to be a tall male wearing all black. The suspect stole an iPhone and headphones.
A black drone was found in a pool on Fernwood Lane.
August 12:
4:00 am: After investigating an alarm on Monterey Street an unknown suspect fled the area, entered a home and was punched by the resident. The suspect then fled.
5:43 pm: A victim was mugged on Murray Avenue by a suspect who pressed an unknown object against the victim’s back.
August 13:
2:16: A blight complaint was filed on Mockingbird Lane.