Gilroy Gardens by the Numbers

GUINNESS TAGGED As part of the theme park’s marketing efforts, Gilroy Gardens got some love from the Guinness Book of World Records, which gave an award for most people contributing to a rubber stamp image. The park had 4,799 participants rubber stamp ima

Total employees, 678 – most part-time, seasonal
Compensation and benefits, $5.1 million
Gen. Mgr total compensation, $202,000
Asst. Gen Mgr., $108,500
Controller, $94,466
Total revenue, $13.5 million
Total expenses, $12.4 million
Revenue minus expenses, $1.1 million
Total assets, $7.4 million
Days of operation, 156
Fees to management firm, $510,700
Fees to marketing firm, $253, 500
Lease payment to city, $186,681
*Source: 2015 Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park, Inc., 990 financial forms.