Ivy blocking the view and cell tower

Poison Ivy

Dear Red Phone:
There is a sight hazard on the corner of Ortega Circle and Wren Drive due to cars parking in a red zone. Part of the problem is that ivy has grown over the red painted curb and it can no longer be seen – so they are parking there which is blocking the view of oncoming cars which makes it hard to turn onto Wren. Can you help?
Thank you good caller for bringing this hazardous driving situation to our attention. We contacted the city and received prompt response from Nirorn Than, an engineer in the Public Works department. Says Than, “The City has evaluated the corner of Ortega Circle and Wren Ave and has placed temporary “No parking signs” at this corner as a temporary resolution to the ivy-blocked red curb. As for a permanent mitigation, the city will notify the homeowner to trim the ivy and re-expose the red curb underneath.” We all appreciate Than’s quick action on this. Red Phone is hoping that the ivy will be trimmed quickly to improve visibility at this corner.
Dear Red Phone: I am new to Gilroy and I see there is a new cell tower going up off Day Road West on the south side of the road in a field close to Watsonville road.
Can you tell me what provider this is ?
Thank you, good caller, for your observation of a new cell phone tower. We reached out to the city’s Public Information Technician, Rachelle Bedell. “According to our staff, the 55 foot tower at 3150 Day Road is for Verizon.” We hope this information will be helpful.