Two more credit card skimmers found

Gilroy police and a county computer investigating team found two additional skimmers on gas pumps at the Chevron Gas Station, located at 7999 Westwood Drive in Gilroy.

Chevron and Valero gas stations are cooperating with investigators as they search for the approximate dates these skimmers were installed. At this time it appears the skimmers have been on the pumps for no less than two weeks.

The skimmers have allowed thieves to go into people’s bank accounts and steal money.

Police asked to remind people who has used their debit or credit card at either Valero Gas, 1190 First St. or Chevron Gas, 7999 Westwood Drive, to monitor their bank statements and card usage for unauthorized withdrawals or purchases.

If you find fraudulent charges on your account please contact the Gilroy Police Department at 408-846-0350. Please note that due to the high volume of calls your report may not be immediately taken, but your name and contact number will be retained for an officer to call you back in the next couple of days. We appreciate your patience.

To prevent getting ripped off, police advised: 

Paying with cash would be the safest.

Use a credit card instead of your ATM. That way they do not have access to your personal bank account.

In these cases, they were essentially undetectable to the public because they were inside the gas pump. There were no obvious signs to look for, police said.

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