A councilman’s resolutions

2017 was a year where most of my personal resolutions were met. I set a resolution to run at least a half marathon with record time and a stretch goal to complete a full marathon. A few minor health set backs prevented the stretch goal so I resolve to tackle this in 2018!
From a city government perspective there were a number resolutions made that we should all be proud of. We resolved to repair and improve our road conditions, improve pedestrian and cycle safety and tackle some of the most dangerous intersections. In 2018 I resolve to track and report all miles of improvements in a pavement condition and road improvements.
We also set a resolution for economic development. I agendized a workshop to discuss Hecker Pass and further develop tourism. At this workshop we introduced Solis Valley as a destination and agreed that tourism should be a tenant to our economic development strategy. In 2018, I resolve to see our economic strategy through by focusing on tourism, establishing downtown as destination, 10th street and First Street as economic development zones. More to come on this!
Finally, I resolve to improve my own personal communication with Gilroyans. Look a few new website DanielHarney.com and a monthly newsletter for more information on current events in our city.
Dan Harney
City Council

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