December Police Blotter

Dec. 2

11:30 pm: Jorge Munoz was arrested for assault when he choked and punched a victim on Monte Bello Drive.

Dec. 14

12:00 pm: A victim on Broadway reported six unauthorized accounts on her credit report.

12:00 pm: A victim on Honey Court discovered eight fake checks cashed from his business account.

Dec. 16

12:30 am: An unknown person used a baseball bat to bash a black 2015 Toyota Scion on Kern Avenue.

3:30 am: On Longmeadow Drive and Orinda Way an unknown person set a USPS dropbox on fire.

8:00 am: A white 2011 Toyota Camry was stolen on First Street and Kelton Drive.

4:30 pm: A 1995 tan Honda Accord was stolen on Arroyo Circle.

5:50 pm: On Rosanna Street a victim confronted a group of teens as they stole items from his vehicle. The juveniles battered the victim until he fell to the ground. They then fled.

8:30 pm: An attempted carjacking happened on Hirasaki Avenue and Mantelli Drive. One suspect was armed with a rifle and another was armed with a baseball bat.

Dec. 17

2:30 am: A suspect wielding a knife entered a hotel room on Travel Park Circle and stole a purse. The suspect was confronted, a struggle ensued and both were cut with the pocket knife.

3:00 am: A suspected prowler was spotted in a backyard on Hanna Street. The person was confronted, then fled through the alley.


Dec. 19

5:30 pm: An unknown driver struck a child with their vehicle on Club Drive and fled the scene before police arrived.

8:00 pm: On Camino Arroyo a loss prevention employee confronted a person who attempted to steal items from the store. When confronted the suspect refused to stop and dropped her cell phone as she left. As the loss prevention employee entered the store with the phone the suspect hit the right side of their face, took back her cell phone and fled in an older blue Chevy Malibu.

10:30 pm: An Unknown person broke into Predator’s Archery on Monterey Street and stole $10,000 in compound bows and crossbows.

Dec. 20

11:00 am: An unknown person entered a business on Obata Way and stole a laptop while employees were in the back of the business.

1:30 pm: An unknown person entered a home on Sequoia Drive and ransacked the stole. Among the items stolen were handguns taken from a safe.

11:30 pm: An unknown person attempted to pass a counterfeit bill in a business on the 7100 block of Camino Arroyo.

Dec. 21

12:30 pm: An unknown person used a victim’s credit card to make $2,000 in purchases from the Best Buy on Camino Arroyo.

3:10 pm: A unidentified suspect stole a power sprayer valued at $700 from a business on East Luchessa Avenue. The victim tried to take the sprayer back from the suspect’s red Honda, but the suspect backed into the victim and took off.

Dec. 22

6:00 am: An unknown person unlocked the side compartment of a victim’s truck on Leavesley Road and stole over $6,000 in power tools.

8:00 am: A suspect provided prescription drugs to a minor on IOOF Avenue with the purpose to sell to other children. One child was hospitalized as a result.

8:50 am: A carjacking occurred on Morey Way when the suspects robbed a victim in their garage.

4:00 pm: Neighborhood dogs escaped from a backyard on Brook Way and caused injuries to another family dog.

Dec. 23

7:30 pm: Sergio Junior Deltoro was arrested for assault when he slapped a victim twice who was trying to end a dating relationship with the arrestee. When the victim refused to go with the arrestee, Deltoro threatened to retrieve a firearm.

Dec. 24

An unknown suspect robbed a business on Leavesley Road at gunpoint.

Dec. 26

9:30 pm: On First Street an unknown person slashed a victim on the arm with a knife during a robbery where the suspect made away with $400.  

9:30 pm: An unknown suspect interted a business on First Street and displayed a handgun in their waistband. The suspect demanded $400 and fled the scene.

9:30 pm: An unknown person used a stolen Mastercard Diners credit card to buy dinner at a restaurant on Monterey Street.

10:00 pm: Nelson Diego Garcia was contacted at Las Animas Park by police while he was acting suspiciously. When confronted the suspect refused to obey orders from police and tried to pull away from the officer. The suspect reached into his pocket for a can of pepper spray. He was arrested for being drunk in public and possessing an illegal can of pepper spray.  

Dec. 27

6:00 am: On Lynx and Ocelot Place, a vehicle was broken into and the suspects stole a coin collection valued at $2,000.

8:00 am: Four youths entered a business on San Ysidro Avenue and stole $3,400 worth of power tools.

8:30 pm: An unknown person entered a business on Arroyo Circle and stole five Michael Kors purses valued at $2,140.

10:00 pm: Lo Teniente was arrested when found driving a stolen 1995 green Honda Civic.

Dec. 28

9:00 am: An unknown person forced their way into a residence on Fifth Street and stole $1,000 worth of jewelry while the victim was away at work.

12:00 pm: On El Cerrito Way a victim reported that their daughter spent $10,000 of the victim’s money.

6:40 pm: Three suspects entered the Verizon store on Camino Arroyo and stole three Beats headphones worth a total of $950.

9:12 pm: An unknown person entered a business on First Street and robbed the store at gunpoint. The suspect stole $435.  

Dec. 29

10:00 am: A suspect stole a safe containing $400 in cash from a business on East Tenth Street.

Dec. 30

1:40 pm: An unknown male entered a business on Renz Lane and stole $400 worth of hair extensions.

Dec. 31

10:00 pm: A strong-arm robbery was reported behind the Garlic Farm Inn.

Jan. 1

4:20 am: Daniel Salazar broke into a victim’s home on Church Street and threatened to kill the victim with a knife. The suspect then grabbed the victim by the neck and held the knife to her throat. The victim was able to flee with a child and the suspect turned the knife on himself.

12:30 pm: An unknown person hopped the fence at Bracco Towing and was confronted by an employee. The suspect was carrying a toolbox, which he left at the scene. The suspect fled in a gray, newer model Chevy Impala.

4:46 pm: Marcos Dominguez Gomez was arrested for kidnapping when he forcibly pulled a victim from inside their home to a vehicle parked on the street. The victim tried to flee but was pushed back in the car by the arrestee.