Gilroy stylists trim hair for homeless

Kuts and Colors owner and stylist Lovell Adams turned the Compassion Center into a mobile hair salon on Feb. 21, giving more than 50 haircuts to homeless Gilroyans. He asked, “what could we accomplish if we all donated just one day?”

A group of Gilroy hair stylists and Christopher High School students joined forces last week to help some homeless neighbors.

Hair stylists Lovell Adams and Christina Colon, along with members of Gilroy Pride and students from Christopher High School’s “out activism in action” donated some hours at the Compassion Center in Gilroy.

“The young lady I work with, Kristina Silva, kinda donated my time,” said Adams, owner and stylist at Kuts and Colors with a laugh. “But when I got there, I realized how much something like this was needed.”

The pair gave more than 50 haircuts given and the students provided more than 150 free pasta lunches served on the day. The Christopher High students, who received a certificate in safe food handling from Rebekah’s Culinary Academy, provided the food service.

“I didn’t expect to see that many people,” said Adams. “When I heard their stories, about how they got to be where they were, it really struck me.”

Kuts and Colors created a mobile hair salon, which Adams and Silva took to the Compassion Center. They had inspected the center the day before and decided that folding chairs wouldn’t do, so they loaded everything up and set up shop on the road.

“We brought everything—‘lights, camera, action,” Adams said. “We wanted to bring the whole ambiance there. We had everything but the surround sound. I would definitely do it again, and next time I want to bring all of my stylists.”

Next month Adams plans to donate free haircuts at one of the large homeless encampments in San Jose. For him, it’s about taking action, and he wondered, what else could be accomplished?

“What if for one day all the dentists, doctors, and everybody else took one day, to do what they can for free?” Adams said. “You hear lots of people talk about what they’re going to do. Don’t talk about it, do it.”

For some, it was more about retaining a sense of self-esteem, but it was a shot to get back on their feet.

“People don’t want to be dirty, they just don’t have a place to go,” Adams said. “We had one guy who was able to get a shower, a shave and a new haircut. From there he was off to go on several job interviews. We kind of take these things for granted, but that’s a major privilege for these guys. You hear people say, ‘get a job,’ but often you don’t think about people who can’t get prepared for something like that.”

Kuts and Colors, at 44 Martin Street, is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm. To book an appointment call 408–842-9991.


  1. Giving back to the community is what KC Adams is all about. He is the most compassionate, giving person! Gilroy is lucky to have him.