District battles teacher attrition


It promises to be a busy recruiting season for Gilroy Unified School District, which will have to replace at least 40 teachers who recently gave their resignation notices for June 2018.

High teacher turnover has become common for Gilroy schools. The district hired 80 new teachers going into the current year and 70 the previous year, according to a Sept. 2017 Q&A with Supt. Debbie Flores.

“As graduation approaches, changes are in the air, and with more than 500 teachers in our district, it’s the time we see changes in staffing as well,” said Paul Winslow, the district’s assistant superintendent of human resources, in an emailed response. “This year’s changes are typical.”

Attached to the Gilroy school district’s March 8 school board agenda is the “Personnel Order,” which includes 38 Gilroy Teachers Association resignations effective at the end of the 2017-18 school year. Those are:

  • Three at Antonio Del Buono Elementary School
  • Three at Eliot Elementary School
  • Two at Glen View Elementary School
  • Four at Luigi Aprea Elementary School
  • Three at Rod Kelley Elementary School
  • One at Rucker Elementary School
  • Two at Brownell Middle School
  • Eight at South Valley Middle School
  • Three at Christopher High School
  • Six at Gilroy High School
  • One district-wide elementary physical education teacher
  • One school psychologist for student services

Those positions are now advertised on the teacher recruiting job site, edjoin.org, with salaries ranging from $50,743 to $89,444. Teacher recruitment season is getting underway, with the Santa Clara County Office of Education’s Teacher Recruitment Fair scheduled for March 24 in San Jose.

“Some active teachers actually have to resign in order to meet credentialing requirements,” Winslow explained. “The district plans to rehire many of the teachers once they secure the necessary requirements for their credentials.”

Also on the district’s March 8 personnel order were nine employees set for retirement at the end of the school year in June as well as the resignation of the district’s construction manager.

A look at the March 22 personnel order reveals two more teacher resignations, one at Glen View and another at Gilroy High School, as well as one retirement from Eliot and the principal at Rucker.

GUSD Board President Linda Piceno, who confirmed the personnel order was approved by the board at the March 8 meeting, deferred any inquiries to the district office’s human resources department.

During the same March 8 meeting in closed session, the board voted 6-0 to release 18 temporary teachers and not re-elect five probationary staff, according to that meeting’s minutes.