Fit Republic upgrades its brand

Goal is to reach out to members

GAINS AND LOSSES Darin Bellamy, center, with Fit Republic Head Coach Miguel Pena on the left and General Manager Adam Davis on the right, was a first place winner in a two month fitness challenge. Bellamy lost 8-pounds, decreased his total body fat by 11.3 percent and gained 11-pounds of muscle. Photo by Bryce Stoepfel

A gym must address many factors if it wants to flex its financial muscles. According to Fit Republic in Gilroy, the most important things are a friendly “Hello,” and “Goodbye.”

“The number one reason why a person quits going to a gym is that they don’t feel welcome,” said Fit Republic General Manager Adam Davis. “That interaction is so important because people often come to the gym to relieve their stress. That’s why we emphasize customer service.”

In January, Fit Republic shed some fat, so to speak, when it committed to rebranding and a change of management.

What had been Fitness Evolution evolved into Fit Republic and along with that change came Davis, 29, a graduate of William Jessup University with a Bachelors of Science in Business and a degree from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. With Davis’ background in business and fitness, Fit Republic hit the new year running.

“It’s not that the staff was bad or failing here, but the proper leader was not in place,” Davis said. “Mentorship is a big deal, and it was something I didn’t fully understand until I was in my mid-20s. People don’t want to be managed; they want to be led.”

As memories of New Year’s resolutions fade so does attendance for people who sign up for gym memberships at the beginning of the year. Between 80 to 90 percent of members who stop coming to the gym cancel their membership says, Davis. The key to keeping members coming back is communication and motivation.

“We want to reach out to people and ask them if they want to try our classes,” Davis said. “We don’t want to charge people for something they aren’t using; we want to see them gain long-term results. If they see results, they’ll tell other people about how their lives have been changed. This business is about people. We’re not here just to take someone’s money; we want to make an impact on the community.”

While communication is part of member retention, results also drive members to keep coming back. For some, the results can be life-changing. One particular member’s fitness story stands out for Davis.

“When Jeremy came in he weighed almost 400 pounds,” Davis said. “He’s dedicated, comes in all the time, watches his nutrition, and he’s taken part of our Fit Nation classes. He’s lost over 180 pounds so far. That’s like losing a whole person.”

With 30,000 square feet and two floors to work with at 8540 Church Street, Fit Republic fills the space with 156 different machines, ranging from the humble bench press to a Hammer Strength Olympic Squat Platform. Some pieces of equipment cost up to $5,000 each. With personal training sessions, classes, nutrition seminars among Fit Republic’s offerings, there’s plenty to do for their 2,000 members.

Fit Republic, headquartered in Pleasanton, has 60 locations throughout California and Washington and has recently started to offer franchise opportunities.

Fit Republic, at 8540 Church Street is open from 4:30am to 11pm Monday through Thursday, 4:30am to 9pm Friday, and 7am to 7pm Saturday and Sunday. Check out monthly specials at