Gilroy needs open spaces

As election season is in full swing, please ensure that you are educated about the candidates and issues that you are considering. Please read through the rhetoric with a critical eye and react with factual evidence and not emotion.

As I ponder who to support in Gilroy’s City Council election, Carol Marques and Tom Fischer stand out in my mind.

Carol has been an advocate for downtown Gilroy for a number of years. She has spent many hours meeting with council members and city staff to streamline the process for businesses to move into our vacant downtown buildings.

Tom is an advocate for Gilroy while serving on the Planning Commission and is very knowledgeable about issues that concern our city as well as how our city government operates. Engage in a conversation with Tom and you will find this to be true.

Both Carol and Tom support utilizing buildings and land within the city limits before expanding. Whether you are a longtime Gilroy resident like me or new to Gilroy, we all can agree that we need Gilroy’s open spaces and productive farmland. While growth is inevitable, our city can grow responsibly, developing within our boundaries. Carol Marques and Tom Fischer have proven their advocacy for our city and will continue to move Gilroy forward in a balanced manner.

Dana Wolfe

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