Blankley selected 2019 mayor pro tem

Mayoral stand-in role goes to a first-time elected council member

The Gilroy City Council is settling into a new year following the election of four council members. While Dion Bracco and Peter Leroe-Muñoz reclaimed their seats on the council, Marie Blankley was elected to the seat to which she had been appointed and Carol Marques unseated Daniel Harney for her first term.

One of the first orders of business of 2019 was for the council to select a mayor pro tempore.

According to Gilroy’s charter, the role of the mayor pro tempore is to “act as mayor during the absence or inability of the mayor to act. In the case of the temporary absence or disability of both the mayor and the mayor pro tempore, the council shall elect one of its members to act as mayor pro tempore.”

Mayor Roland Velasco submitted a staff report recommending the newly elected Blankley for the position.

According to the city’s charter, the mayor pro tempore is selected after a new council member is elected or appointed.

Blankley told the Dispatch in an email, “I’m honored to have been asked by the mayor and supported by the council to serve as mayor pro tempore for 2019. I hope to learn from the position and, when needed, emulate the mayor’s strong leadership skills.”