Special 150th anniversary logo unveiled

Council was set to select new logo

Mayor Roland Velasco has promised a yearlong celebration to honor Gilroy’s 150th birthday. The first thing that needed to be done to kick off the party was the selection of a special 150th celebration logo.

The council unanimously approved the logo at the July 1 meeting. The winner was a design by Carol Peters in the adult category. The design features old city hall as well as some staple garlic cloves. 

The three submissions categories were Primary, kindergarten-fifth grade; secondary, grades 6-12; and adult, 18 years old and up. Each contestant was allowed to submit a single design with the cutoff for submissions being May 31. According to city staff, there were no submissions in the primary category.

The winning design was selected by the Arts and Culture Commission, which recommended a design from each category as well as an overall winner. 

There were several requirements for design submissions: The logo had to feature the number 150 and “The City of Gilroy”; the design had to fit a square and have the ability to be shown in full color or black and white; and it had to look good in small and large sizes. 

When the design is presented on 150th merchandise and advertisements, it will be a re-digitized version of the drawing that was submitted to the contest.