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Thursday, December 5, 2019
Police are looking for a man who tried to break into a home in San Martin after carjacking a vehicle in Santa Cruz, according to authorities.Just after midnight July 9, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the area of Water Avenue in San Martin, after a resident there called 911 to report an attempted break-in, according to Sheriff’s Sgt. Rich Glennon. The homeowner heard the suspect trying to force entry into the home, and warned him from inside that police were being called.The suspect initially refused to leave the San Martin property. After the homeowner used a firearm to fire a warning shot, the suspect fled in a Chevrolet Impala that he had previously stolen out of Santa Cruz, Glennon said.Deputies arrived to the area and located the stolen vehicle, and attempted to make a traffic stop, according to Glennon. The suspect continued to flee police, and a short vehicle chase took place.The suspect led deputies to the end of Brookview Court in Morgan Hill, where he abandoned the Impala and continued to run away on foot through residential yards, Glennon said.Deputies and Morgan Hill Police set up a perimeter and conducted a search—which included a K9 and helicopter—while ordering local residents to shelter in place, Glennon said. However, authorities did not find the suspect.Glennon said police later found out the suspect had stolen the Impala from a location in Santa Cruz by approaching the vehicle, and telling the driver that he had a gun and wanted the car. However, the victims did not see a firearm in the man’s possession.The suspect is described as a white male, about 35 years old, with shoulder-length brown hair, Glennon said.No injuries were reported in the alleged crime spree.Anyone with information about this incident can contact the Sheriff’s Office at (408) 299-2311.
Mrityunjoy Dhar, a 30-year-old flying fanatic, walked away from a San Martin plane crash last Saturday with only cuts to his face.
On the corner of Sycamore Avenue and East San Martin Avenue in San Martin, an empty, grassy parcel of land has generated some controversy in the small, unincorporated locality, between Gilroy and Morgan Hill. Middleton Consulting out of Tacoma Washington is in the application process to construct a storage facility for portable toilets on the land and some San Martin residents nearby think the idea stinks.
Richard “Ricky” Luciano Martinez, 53, of Gilroy, died Saturday when his Harley Davidson motorcycle crashed into a car making a turn on Leavesley Road, according to a California Highway Patrol report.

Moving on the San Martin Mosque

The Environmental Impact Report for the San Martin Cordoba Center Islamic mosque project is underway, and interested parties are asked to submit comments on the “scope and content” of the study to county planners by Jan. 23.The EIR itself, being conducted by Santa Clara County as the lead agency, will not be complete for public review for several more months. Comments and questions currently sought by county staff relate to the EIR’s “Notice of Preparation,” which was posted Dec. 9, 2016.The South Valley Islamic Community, based in San Martin, applied for the project early last year. The project, proposed at a 16-acre undeveloped parcel near the intersection of Monterey Road and California Avenue, would consist of a two-story, 9,000-square-foot mosque; a two-story, 14,500-square-foot multipurpose building; a four-acre Islamic cemetery; a one-third-acre campground; and additional support and ancillary structures, according to the county’s NOP document.The Cordoba Center “is intended to provide a central religious and cultural center for the multi-ethnic Muslim population in Southern Santa Clara County,” the county’s notice states.The purpose of an EIR is to analyze all potential impacts of a project to its surrounding environment and community, according to county staff. These include potential impacts to groundwater, traffic, wildlife, air quality, noise and other categories. The EIR will also make suggestions on how to mitigate any potentially significant impacts, and consider alternatives to the project.There are about 400 members of the SVIC, according to the county’s notice. “Based on this estimate, maximum attendance at weekly religious and cultural events, such as Friday Prayers, to be held at the Cordoba Center is generally anticipated to be 300 individuals per event,” the NOP continues. Occasionally, for larger annual events such as the Eid holiday prayers and community picnics, attendance at the Cordoba Center could reach up to 500 individuals per event.Events and regularly scheduled activities would occur between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m., primarily on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The site would be open to SVIC members to worship at all times, the county’s notice reads.The Cordoba Center has generated ongoing skepticism from South County residents who fear the project will be significantly larger than typical existing commercial or religious uses in the rural, unincorporated town of San Martin.Next door to the Cordoba Center is proposed the Patel RV Park, also on an undeveloped parcel. This project would add a 124-stall RV park to the property. This project is also working its way through the county’s planning process, and a community meeting on the proposal is scheduled for 7 p.m. Jan. 6 at the South County Office building, 80 W. Highland Ave.Some San Martin residents are concerned that having the Cordoba Center and Patel RV Park operating simultaneously right next to each other will impact the area more than the roads and infrastructure can handle.County staff have said the EIR and planning reviews of these projects will determine if that is the case, and recommend solutions to the impacts if necessary.Comments on the Cordoba Center NOP must be submitted to the county by 5 p.m. Jan. 23. Comments can be sent, emailed or telephoned to County of Santa Clara County Department of Planning and Development, Attention: Jim Reilly, County Government Center, 70 West Hedding Street, San Jose, CA 95110; phone at (408) 299-5799; or email [email protected]
Solorsano Middle School captured a league title and went on to capture the Section title capped off with a strong run at the County championship. Solorsano ended up taking seven to the County Tournament and had two County Champions Ryan Perez, 135-pound weight class, and Nathan Fernandez at 235-pound weight class. The 70 pounder, Luke Laptalo, placed fourth at counties. Eric Argumedo (85 pounder) and Amit Klair (90 pounder) placed second. Brandon Martinez (75 pounder) and Sean Hayes (155 pounder) placed third.This is the first time Solorsano Middle School wrestling has ever won the Section tournament out of all the sports and went on to take second as a team at the County tournament, beating out all the other Gilroy middle schools including South Valley Middle School.
Uesugi Farms’ pumpkin patch in San Martin has grown like one of its prize-winning pumpkins.
Thirteen San Martin residents—including six children—are looking for a place to live after a fire ravaged several mobile homes, vehicles and greenhouses Sunday afternoon, according to authorities.

What’s Faster to San Jose, Train, Car or Bus?

Like the movie Groundhog Day, every morning some 60 percent of Gilroy residents take the same trip over and over to their jobs in San Jose and Silicon Valley and they have to figure out the best, fastest and cheapest way to get there.
It was the 1950s: Mt. Everest was conquered, Elvis and Disneyland became household names and Susanne Steinmetz went to work for the city of Gilroy in 1952. She was 15.